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How do you get from 100g of magnesium to find the number of atoms


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Step 1

For a chemical compound or a molecule, the number of moles can be defined as the ratio of the mass to that of molecular mass. The mathematical relation is shown below:


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Mass Number of moles Molar mass

Step 2

The number of atoms which are present in one mole of a given substance is equal to the Avogadros number=6.022×1023.

The number of atoms present in a given number of moles of a given substance can be calculated using the following relation:


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Number of atoms=Number of moles xN Number of molesx6.022 x 1023

Step 3

The mass of Magnesium is given to be 100 g.

The atomic mass of Magnesium is 24.305g/...


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Mass Number of moles=. Molar mass 100g 24.305g/mol 4.11 mol


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