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How does the Bohr theory explain the discrete lines in the absorption spectrum of hydrogen?


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Step 1

Bohr’s postulates:

1. Electrons revolve in circular orbits around the nucleus.

2.Electrons revolve in some special values of the radii of orbit called stationary orbit and do not emit radiation while revolving in it.

3. The electrons can jump from one orbit to another either by absorbing and emitting the photon. By absorbing a photon electron jumps to higher energy orbit from stationary orbit and by emission of photon electron jumps to lower energy level from stationary orbit.

4. Angular momentum of the electron in the stationary orbit is an integral multiple of the Planck constant divided by 2п.

Step 2

The state of an atom with the lowest energy is called its ground state and that of with the highest energy is called excited states.


Step 3

From the Bohr postulate (3),

If electron in an orbit of low energy energy absorbs a photon and jumps to the or...

AE = hC
AE is the change in energy
his planck's constant
2wavelength of absorbed radiation

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AE = hC where AE is the change in energy his planck's constant 2wavelength of absorbed radiation


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