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Identify the missing value for SSW in the ANOVA summary table.

Source SS df MS F
Between Treatments 30 2 15 11.28
Within Treatments ? 12 1.33  
Total 46 14    

Expert Answer

Step 1

Given ANOVA table:

The ANOVA table is given below.

Step 2

Identify the missing value for within sum of squares (SSW) in the given ANOVA table.

From the given ANOVA table it is known that the value of sum of squares (SSW) corresponding to the source “Within treatment” is missing.

Mean sum of squares:

The general formula for mean sum of squares of a source is,

Mean sum of squares of source (MSS) = Sum of squares of source(SSS)/ degrees of freedom (d.f)

Here, the mean sum of squa...


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