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Identify the type of interactions in each compound (ionic, dipole -dipole, hydrogen bond, etc...) Show your work.

a. PF5

b. NBr3

c. C6H6


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Step 1

A chemical compound consists of two or more different elements which are bonded with each other through different types of chemical bonds. A chemical bond is an interaction between two atoms that occurs due to valence shell electrons of an atom.

Step 2

An ionic bond can be defined as the electrostatic force of attraction between cation and anions. Here cation is a positively charged ion which is formed due to loss of electron whereas an anion is formed by the gain of electrons. Because of opposite charges they form a chemical bond with each other called an ionic bond.

Step 3

On the contrary, a covalent bond is formed by equal sharing of electrons between bonded atoms. Since non-metals have 5, 6 ...

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