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Identify which of the following reactions are redox reactions.

C6H12(s) + 9O2(g) --> 6H2O(g) +6CO2(g)

3H2(g) + N2(g) --> 2NH3(g)

NaCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) --> NaNO3(aq) + AgCl(s)

NaHCO3(aq) +HI(aq) --> NaI(aq) + H2O(l) + CO2(g) 




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Step 1

The redox reactions are...


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+6CO 2(E) 6H20(B) бH. +6со) бH,о, +902E 90, 2(8) С,Н, (Огт, 2NH3 3(g) N28) ЗН,.


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