If a bullet travels at 531.0 m/s, what is its speed in miles per hour?

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Q: Given the standard enthalpy changes for the following two reactions: (1) 4C(s) + 5H2(g)→C„H1(g) AH° ...

A: ∆H° is negative means that it is e reaction  To get equation 3 we should multiply equation 2 by 2 an...

Q: Draw the structure for each alcohol. 2-butanol

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Q: Determine the number of moles in 3.50 × 10²³ formula units of BaCl₂

A: We have to find the number of moles present in 3.50*1023 formula units of BaCl2. 

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A: Given- Volume (V) of flask=213 mL Temperature =100.0°C Pressure=754 torr Mass of flask+gas=78.416 g ...

Q: Into how many peaks will each proton shown in red be split?

A: The given compound is shown below:

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A: Analyzing for cis isomer of 1,1,3 -trimethylcyclohexane: The one of chair conformer of cis-1,1,3-tri...

Q: How many electrons and neutrons are in 63Cu+?

A: Mass number of the given Cu isotope = 63  Atomic number of Cu = 29

Q: Draw structural formulas for the products of complete hydrolysis of meprobamate, phenobarbital, and ...

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Q: Name each alkyne. CH,-C=C-CH, CH3 b. CH;-C=C-C-CH,-CH, CH3 c. CH=C-CH-CH2-CH2-CH, CH-CH, ČH,

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