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If a trait is X-linked recessive, who would express the trait?

A) females homozygous for the dominant allele and males hemizygous for the recessive allele

B) heterozygous females and males hemizygous for the dominant allele

C) females homozygous for the recessive allele and males hemizygous for the recessive allele

D) females homozygous for the recessive allele and males hemizygous for the dominant allele

E) the same proportions of females and males


Expert Answer

Step 1


X linked recessive

It is a mode of inheritance in which mutation occurs in the gene of the X chromosome which caused the phenotype to express in males because they have one X and one y chromosome (who are necessarily hemizygous for the gene mutation).


X linked dominant

It is the mode of genetic inheritance dominant gene carried on the X chromosome so male has only one X chromosome, so males are severely affected than females.

Step 2

According to this question here X linked is recessive it can be only expressed when female is homozygous recessive and male is hemizygous recessive (male is hemizygous contain only one x where female contain both x chromosomes homozygous) as the m...

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