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If upper overbar X=81​, Upper S=28​, and n=25​,and assuming that the population is normally​ distributed, construct a 90%confidence interval estimate of the population​ mean,μ.
[   ]≤ μ≤[  ]
​(Round to two decimal places as​ needed.)

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Step 1

From the provided information, populati...

sample mean (x) =81
standard deviation (s) 28
sample size (n)25
At 90% confidence interval the z is:
df n-1
df 24
a 1-0.90
a = 0.10
= 1.71

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sample mean (x) =81 standard deviation (s) 28 sample size (n)25 At 90% confidence interval the z is: df n-1 df 24 a 1-0.90 a = 0.10 0.05 = 1.71


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