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In a battery, the following oxidation-reduction reactions are taking place:

 Mn2O3 + ZnO → 2MnO2 + Zn

 What is being formed at the anode?

a. Zn
b. ZnO
 c. Mn2O3
d. 2MnO2

Expert Answer

Step 1

Redox reactions include oxidation and reduction reactions occuring simultaneously. 

Reduction is said to occur when a chemical species gains electrons. This indicated by decrease in oxidation number.

Oxidation takes place when a chemical species loses electrons. This indicated by increase in oxidation number.

In an electrochemical cell, Reduction occurs at cathode while oxidation at anode.

Step 2

In given reaction, the oxidation states of various species are 

Mn2O3, oxidation state of Mn = +3, of O = -2

ZnO, oxidation state of Zn = +2, of O = -2

In Products,

MnO2, oxidation state of Mn = +4, of O = -2

Zn, oxidation state of Zn = 0

So, clearly, oxidation state of Mn has increased from +3 to +4, that is Mn2O3 has undergone oxidation

Oxidation number of Zinc has decreased from +2 to 0, ZnO has undergone reduction.


Step 3

As the oxidation occurs at anode, so, the product formed at anode is t...

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