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In an English class last semester, Foofy earned a 76 (X = 85, SX = 10). Her friend, Bubbles, in a different class, earned a 60 (X = 50, SX = 4). Should Foofy be bragging about how much better she did? Why?


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Hey there! Thank you for posting the question. For calculating z-score, we are considering X as mean and SX as standard deviation. We have tried our best to solve this problem.

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The z-score can be used to compare two or more normally distributed random variables. In case of points obtained in a test, a higher score naturally implies a better result. As a result, a higher ­z-score would also imply a better result.


Here, x1 = 76, x1-bar= 85, and Sx1 = 10.


z1= (x1 – x1-bar)/ Sx1

    = (76 – 85)/10

     ≈ –0.9.


Here, x2 = 60, ...

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