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In general:

  • Abrassive blasting _____ be used for deburring.
  • Abrassive blasting _____ be used for deflashing.

a)can, can

b)can, can not

c) can not, can not

d)can not, can


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Step 1

Abrasive blasting-

 Abrasive blasting is generally known as sandblasting. It is the operation of forcibly putting a stream of abrasive particles against the surface of an object with high pressure. This high pressure is given by high pressurized air. this process is used to smooth a rough surface.

Deflashing is the process in which sand particles from the mould are removed with the help of pressurized air.

Step 2


Deburring is the process in which this unwanted material is carried out away with specialized tools.

Deburring is derived from word burr. Burr refers to rough edge on the metal by the action of machine tool. Deburring is a process during which this...

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