Asked Feb 25, 2019

 Is the following argument valid or invalid? If it’s valid, rewrite the same argument symbolically
(p, q, ~, etc). If it’s invalid, give the correct conclusion, or state that there can be no conclusion
from the given premises.
If you are Patrick Star, then this is your ID.
This ID was in this wallet.
If this ID was in this wallet and this is your ID, then this must be your wallet.
You are Patrick Star.
∴ It’s not your wallet.


Expert Answer

Step 1

To analyze the sequence of statements and logical implications and check whether the final inference is correct. 

Step 2

Claim: It is not your (Patrick Star) wallet is incorrect. On the contrary , we will  deduce that the wallet belongs to Patrick Star.

Step 3

(You are Patrick Star) and ( If you are Patrick Star, then this is y...

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