Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications - 1st Edition - by Nathan Klingbeil - ISBN 9781118141809

Introductory Mathematics for Engineerin...
1st Edition
Nathan Klingbeil
Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9781118141809

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Authors Rattan and Klingbeil have developed a new approach to engineering math that improves student motivation and success, and supports greater retention of engineering majors. The book is designed specifically for engineering students, who specifically cite calculus as the reason for dropping out of engineering courses. Introduction to Engineering Math is designed to improve student retention, motivation and success through application-driven, just-in-time engineering math instruction provided by engineering faculty. To date, the authors have piloted a course that does just this at Wright State University, and have recruited faculty at 17 other schools to pilot a version of this course in their curricula. This text is used in that course.

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781119604426

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