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One of the radioactive isotopes used in medical treatment or analysis is iodine-131. The half-life of iodine-131 is 8 days. How much time is required for the activity of a sample of iodine-131 to fall to 12.5 percent of its original value?

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Step 1

The relationship between the decay constant and the half-life period is given below.


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0.693 t12

Step 2

The decay constant of I-131 can be calculated as shown below.


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0.693 0.693 0.0866 days 8 days λ- t2

Step 3

The nuclear disintegration time can be calculated as shown below.


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2.303 N log N t = Where, tis a time period of disintegration N is a initial amount of radioactive substance 0 N, is a amount of radioactive substance at time t


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