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Outline Einstein's explanation of the following aspects of the photoelectric effect:

a) Work Function
b) Kinetic energy of the photoelectrons
c) Threshold Frequency


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Step 1

Photoelectric Effect: When a light falls on a metal surface then the electron or other charge carriers are emitted from the surface and these electrons are called photoelectron and this effect is known as the photo electric effect. The light falls in a form energy packets which is called Photons or Quanta. The energy of these photons is quantized.


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E = Inv Where v = Frequency h Planck Constant

Step 2

Part (a) Work function: The work function can be defined as the minimum work which is required to remove photoelectron from the metal surface.


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W qo- E Where q Charge = Potential E Fermi Energy

Step 3

Part(b): Kinetic energy of the photoelectrons: In photoelectric effect, the energy of incoming photons s...


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hv = K.E.+W K.E. hv-W Where W Work function v = Frequency h Planck Constant


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