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Portland cement contains 61 % calcium oxide. Calculate the mass of calcium oxide and the mass of the rest of the components in kg if the mass of a Portland cement sample is 50 tons.


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Step 1

One ton is equal to 907.185 kgs.

The conversion factor is  (1ton/907.185 kgs )  or  (907.185 kgs/1ton).

To calculation of mass of portland cement as follows:


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Mass of portland cement is 50 tons 907.185kg Mass of portland cement = 50 tons x 1 tons =45359.3 kg

Step 2

Percentage of calcium oxide in portland cement is 61 %.
Mass of portland cement is 45359.3 kg.

Calculate the mass of CaO is as follows:


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Mass of CaO 61 percentage of 45359.3 kg 61 -x 45359.3 kg 100 =27669.1 kg

Step 3

Calculate the mass of the rest of the components is as fo...


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Mass of rest of components 45359.3 kg -27669.1 kg 17690.1 kg


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