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Pro basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is a poor free-throw shooter. Consider situations in which he shoots a pair of free throws. The probability that he makes the first free throw is 0.5. Given that he makes the first, suppose the probability that he makes the second is 0.60. Given that he misses the first, suppose the probability that he makes the second one is 0.40.

Find the probability that he makes one of the two free throws


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Step 1

Let A be the event that shows the he makes the first throw success.

Similarly , B be the event that shows the he makes the second throw success.



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P(A) =0.50 P(B|A)= 0.60 P(B|A)=P(AnB) P(A) P(AnB)= 0.60x0.50 P(AnB) 0.30 P(BIA) 0.40 P(BA) 0.20

Step 2

Hence, the required probability can be calculated as:

P( probability that the he makes one of ...


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P(A) P(EA)+P(A) P(B]|) =0.50x0.40+0.50x0.40 =0.40


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