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provide an example of how to calculate empirical formula and then how to find molecular formula from this


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Step 1

In the determination of molecular formula, first step is the determination of its empirical formula.


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Mass of A atomsDivide by Moles of A atoms molar mass A to B mole ratio Divide by lowest number of moles Mass of B atoms Moles of B atoms Divide by molar mass Convert ratio to lowest whole numbers Empirical formula

Step 2

Take Nicotine as an example, and assume it contains 74.02 % C, 8.710 % H, and 17.27% N.  Consider, 40.57 g of Nicotine consists of 0.25 mol Nicotine.

First, calculate the moles of each element,


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(74.02gCImol C6.163mol C 12.01g C (8.710 g HImolH8.624molH 1.01g H (17.27gN mol N1.233mol Nn 14.01g C

Step 3

Calculate the molar ratio...


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6.163mol C/1.233mol N = 5 8.264molH 1.233molN = 7 1.233 mol C/1.233 molN =1


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