You pull on a string with a horizontal force of magnitude Fyb = 32 N that is attached to a block of mass mb = 6.5 kg, then to the axle of a solid cylinder of mass mc = 4.0 kg and radius r = 0.4 m, then to a spring of spring constant k = 185 N/m. This is all done on an inclined plane where there is friction ( μs = 0.69 and μk = 0.40 ), and the incline angle is θ = 28 degrees. Everything starts at rest, and the spring is unstretched. The block slides down the plane, the cylinder rolls down the plane (without slipping), and the spring stretches.

  • First, what is the speed of the block and cylinder after you have pulled the block and cylinder 6 cm down the plane?
  • How far have you pulled the block and cylinder when everything stops?

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рооо0000- с b yb

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