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See attached image. I was given the answers to questions 4 and 5 but I have no idea how they got to that number. An equation or any kind of help would be much appreciated!


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As we can answer only one question at a time and since you have asked multiple questions, we will solve the first question i.e. Question number 4 for you. If you want any specific question to be solved then please specify the question number or post only that question.

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Buffers are those which resist the change in pH, when small amount of acid or base is added to them.

Buffers are usually of three types:

1) Weak acid and its salt with strong base, such as acetic acid and sodium acetate

2) Weak base and its salt with strong acid, such as ammonia and ammonium chloride

3) salt of weak acid and weak base such as ammonium acetate

Step 3

Buffer composed of Formic acid (HFor) and sodium formate (NaFor) is a buffer of weak acid and its salt.

pH i...


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pH pK logNaFor] HFor] Here, pKglog K2 (formic acid) Kg 1.8x10 pKglog(1.8x10) = 3.74


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