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Select the statistic test that best fits each description.

Study exploring the relationship between number of hours in the sun and number of freckles.

  • A. T-test independent samples
  • B. T-test dependent samples
  • C. One-way ANOVA
  • D. Correlation
  • E. Simple Regression

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Step 1


A brief introduction to the various tests suggested here is given below:

  • T-test independent samples: Used to compare the means of two samples taken from two independent populations.
  • T-test dependent samples: Used to compare the means of two samples taken from two populations that are dependent on each other in some manner.
  • One-way ANOVA: Used to compare the means of more than two samples taken from an equal number of populations.
  • Correlation: Used to test for a significant linear relationship between two variables.
  • Chi square: Used to test if the effects of two attributes are independent of each other, or if the various levels of an attribute are homogeneous with respect to the levels of the other variable, or whether the data values fit a pre-defined distribution.
Step 2


In this case, the nature of relationship between the number of hours in the sun and the number of freckles is unknown; it may be linear or curvilinear or without any discernible relationship. So, to choose f...

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