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starting with 25.0g of each reactant, how many grams of each product could be produced, and how many grams of each reactant are left over?

hydrobromic acid reacts with aluminum metal to produce hydrogen gas and aluminum bromide


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Step 1


Mass of HBr = 25 g.

Molar mass of HBr = 81 g/mol.

Mass of Al = 25 g.

Molar mass of Al = 27 g/mol.

Balanced chemical reaction is given by:


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2Al6HBr 2AIBr3 3H2

Step 2

Calculation for moles of HBr and Al:


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Mass Number of moles of HBr Molar mass 25 g Number of moles of HBr = 81 g/mol Number of moles of HBr = 0.309 moles. Mass Number of moles of Al = Molar mass 25 g Number of moles of Al = 27 g/mol Number of moles of Al = 0.926 moles.

Step 3

Amount of AlBr3 and H2 produce will depend on limiting reactant.

Moles of HBr = 0.309/6 = 0.0515 moles.


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