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The hydrogen gas formed in a chemical reaction is collected over water at 30.0 ∘C at a total pressure of 732 mmHg .

If the total volume of gas collected is 720 mL , what mass of hydrogen gas is collected?        



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Step 1

The hydrogen gas formed in a chemical reaction is collected over water at 30.0 ∘C at a total pressure of 732 mmHg. If the total volume of gas collected is 720 mL, the mass of hydrogen gas collected is to be calculated.

Step 2

Assuming the gas to be an ideal gas, the ideal gas law can be used to determine the moles of hydrogen gas collected.   From the moles of gas, mass of gas collected can be calculated.   


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Ideal Gas Law PV nRT Where P -Pressure of the gas V - Volume ofgas n-moles of gas R-Universal gas constant T-Temperature in K

Step 3

Determine the moles of gas collected:

P = 732 mmHg

V = 720 mL = 0.720 L

R = 0.082 L.atm.mol-1.K...


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P 732 mmHg 1 mmHg 0.00132 atm 0.00132 atm . P = 732 mmHg x- =0.966 atm 1 mmHg Now PV in (0.966 atm) x (0.720 L) (0.082 L.atm.K1mol1)x(303 K) RT .n = 0.028 moles


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