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The mean annual tuition and fees for a sample of 15 private colleges was 35,500 with a standard deviation of 6500. A dot plot shows that it is reasonable to assume that the population is approximately normal. You wish to test whether the mean tuition and fees for private collages is different from 32,500 

a) state the null and alternate hypotheses 

b) calculate the standard error 

c) calculate the test statistic 

d) find the p - value 



Expert Answer

Step 1

Given data normally distributed with mean of 35,500, standard deviation of 6500 and sample size 15.


Mean tuition and fees for private collages is different from 32,500.

Null and alternative hypothesis are,


Image Transcriptionclose

H: µ =32500 H: µ + 32500

Step 2


Standard error


Image Transcriptionclose

SE 6500 V15 =1678.2927833565 SE = 1678.29

Step 3


Test statistic


Image Transcriptionclose

X-µ 35500-32500 6500 V15 3000 1678.29 =1.7875337397 Z-1.79


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