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The monthly utility bills in a city are normally distributed with a mean of $100 and a standard deviation of $12. Find the probability that a randomly selected utility bill will be between $90 and $120.

Distribution type: ________________   Probability: ________________


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Step 1

Let x is random variable.

Step 2


Distribution type: Normal distribution


Standard deviation=$12

Step 3

The probability that a randomly selected utility bill will...


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90- д Х— д 120- д Р(90 <х <120)— P о о о 120 100 <Z< 90 100 — Р 12 12 — Р(-0.83 <Z <1.67) — P(Z <1.67)- Р(Z < -0.83) =0.9525- 0.2033 =0.7492


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