Asked Sep 17, 2019
The possible values of me for the 3s subshell are
-3,-2,-,0,1, +2, +3
-1,0, +
-2,-1,0, 1,2
n =
Зр е 3
The possible values of me for the 3p subshell are
-3,-2,-,0,1, +2, +3

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The possible values of me for the 3s subshell are 0 -3,-2,-,0,1, +2, +3 -1,0, + -2,-1,0, 1,2 Зр n = Зр е 3 The possible values of me for the 3p subshell are -2,-1,0,+2 -3,-2,-,0,1, +2, +3 -1,0, 0


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The range of magnetic quantum number is .  For 3s subshell n value is three, possible l values are 0,1,2.  S-orbita...

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