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The speed limit on a highway is 80 km/h. What is the speed in mi/h?

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The term SI base unit refers to the seven units of measurement which have been defined by the International system of units as a basic set through which other SI units are also derived.

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The term speed has been defined as the distance travelled by an object per unit time. It is used to describe how an object moves and therefore, is a scalar quantity.

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Here in the given problem,

The speed on the highway is given to be 80 km/h.


For the conversion of kilometer into mile
1 kilometer= 0.621 miles
Speed limit 80 km/h
80 x0.621 miles
49.68 mi/hour

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For the conversion of kilometer into mile 1 kilometer= 0.621 miles Now Speed limit 80 km/h 80 x0.621 miles 49.68 mi/hour 1hour


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