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Using any data you can find in the ALEKS Data resource, calculate the quilibrium constant K at 25.0°C for the following reaction.


Fe2O3(s)+  3H2(g)→  2Fe(s)+  3H2O(l)

Round your answer to 2 significant digits.


delta G of Fe2O3=-742.2 kj/mol






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Step 1

Given chemical reaction:

Fe2O3(s) +  3H2(g)  2Fe(s)+  3H2O(l)

Step 2

Calculation for ΔGo ...


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AGn AGPn (product) - AGn (reactant) 'rxn AGEn = (2 x AG(Fe)3 x AG (H20)) - (3 x AGn (H2)AG (Fe203) Ixn AG On = (2(0) 3(-237.1)) - (3 (0)(-742.2)) AGTxn -711.3 KJ742.2 AGn 30.9 KJ гxn


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