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Using the standard enthalpies of formation, what is the standard enthalpy of reaction?



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Step 1

Enthalpy change of a reaction is calculated by subtracting the sum of enthalpies of formation of reactants from the sum of enthalpies of formation of products.

Step 2

The given reaction is,

CO(g) + H2O(g) → CO2(g) + H2(g)

The standard enthal...

-ΔΗ (CO, ) + ΔΗ; (Η. )] - [ΔΗ; (CO) + ΔΗ: (H0) ]
-393.5 kJ +0kJ]-[(-110.5 kl)+(-241.8 kl)]
=-41.2 kJ

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-ΔΗ (CO, ) + ΔΗ; (Η. )] - [ΔΗ; (CO) + ΔΗ: (H0) ] -393.5 kJ +0kJ]-[(-110.5 kl)+(-241.8 kl)] ΔΗ =-41.2 kJ


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