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What is the electron and molecular geometry for CHBr3?


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Step 1

The Lewis structure or molecular skeleton is also known as electron dot structure. It is the complete representation of a molecule which shows all bonded atoms with their chemical bonds and lone pairs if any present on them. In Lewis structures, all atoms are represented by their atomic symbols and chemical bonds by lines. The lone pairs or extra electrons on atoms must be represented as cross or dots.

Step 2

To draw the Lewis structure or molecular skeleton, count total number of valence electrons and arrange them in such a way that all bonded atoms get octet. In the Lewis structure of CHBr3:


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Number of valence electrons: 4 electrons C atom H atom 1 electron Br atom 7 electrons Total number of electrons in CHBr3= 41+3 x7 = 26 electrons

Step 3

Hence the molecular skeleton of ...


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:Br с :Br: Br I


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