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What is the hybridization of the sulfur atom in sulfur hexafluoride?

1. sp2
2. sp3d2
3. sp3d
4. sp
5. None of the Above

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Step 1

Hybridization is a hypothetical phenomenon or an idea where atomic orbitals combine together in such a way that the formation of new hybrid orbitals takes place. It can also be regarded as an expansion of the famous valence bond theory.

Step 2

The formula to find out the hybridization of a molecule is as shown below:

Here V refers to the number of valence electrons present in the outermost orbitals of the central metal atom

H is the number of monovalent atoms which surrounds the central metal atom

C is the charge on the cation.

A is the charge on the anion.


Image Transcriptionclose

1 V+H-C+A) 2

Step 3

Here the given molecule is Sulfur hexafluoride and the central metal atom is sulfur as it is largest in size.

Number of monovalent atom...


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1 Hybridization=(6+6)-6 2


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