Asked Dec 11, 2019
What is the mass percent of potassium chloride in a solution that is made by dissolving 15.0 g KCl in 100.0 g H2O? Show work

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Step 1


Mass of water is 100 g.

Mass of KCl is 15.0 g.

Step 2

It is given that solution is made by dissolving 15 g of KCl in 100 g of water. Thus, total mass of a solution is,

=Mass of water + Mass of KCl

=100 g + 15 g

=115 g

Step 3

The percent of KCl in a solution is...


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Mass of KCl % of KCl=: -×100 Total mass of solution 15 g -x100 115 g =13.0 %


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