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What is the maximum mass of S8 that can be produced by combining 76.0 g of each reactant?


mass of S8 in grams:


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Step 1

Mass neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. Mass can be calculated in a balanced chemical equation by using law of conservation of mass.

Step 2

Firstly You calculate the no.of moles.


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Mass of substance No.of moles-- molar mass of substances Mass of SO2-76.0g g Molar mass of SO,=64.0644 mole 76.0g No.of moles of SO2 11 g 64.0644 mole =1.186mole Mass of H2S 76.0g g Molar mass ofHS=34.0814- mole 76.0g No.of moles 34.0814 mole =2.23mole

Step 3

From the equation 1 moles of sulfur dio...


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