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What is the ratio of moles Cu to moles Fe .....IN....

2Fe + 3CuSO4  -->  Fe2(SO4 )3  + 3Cu

and  Fe + CuSO -->  Fe2(SO4 ) +  3Cu




Expert Answer

Step 1

Given reactions:


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2Fe+3CuSO Fe, (SO4), +3Cu Fe+CuSOFe, (So,), +3Cu

Step 2

Mole is the amount of the substance that contains the same number of particles or atoms or molecules.

Step 3

In first reaction 2 moles of iron is reacting with 3 moles of copper sulphate to give 1 mole of iron (III)sulphate and 3 moles of copper...


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2Fe+3CuSOFe, (SO)+3Cu


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