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which forms of marketing research would be best in gathering consumer information relating to the product or service?


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Step 1

Market research is very important to gather the information related to the customer’s choice their feedback and reviews over the product. Data mining and Data warehousing is the study of the gathering of data of the customer from different sources and keep that data in such a way so that it can be used when needed.

Step 2

The methods or strategies which are best in gathering customer information are as follows-

  • Observation

Observation is nothing but observing the reaction of the customer about the product when they shop. This is the best method to observe customer feedback because you don’t have to interact directly with the customer you have to observe it silently.

Step 3
  • Focus groups

The Focus group is the gathering of 10-15 customers and asking their reviews on a company’s product. One coordinator is hired by th...

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