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Which major product is formed when Br2 and H20 are added to 2-methylpropene to give the bromohydrin?

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Which major product is formed when Br2 and H20 are added to 2-methylpropene to give the bromohydrin? BrBr ОН Br Но ноон


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When Br2 and H2o are added to 2-methylpropene, it gives the bromohydrin.

The mechanism of bromohydr...


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Br Bra +H20 и C. сиа OH 2-Methylpuepene Broneshydbin MECHANISM - 1 NUCLEOPHILIC ATTACK FORMS A BROMINIUM ION :Br By: Br CHs Bromindum ion 2 WATER OPENS THE BRONINIUM ION By BACK -SIDE ATTACK 2- :Br H с из C. си си 0. H 3> WATER REMOVES A PROTON To GIVE A BROMOHYDRIN - B: :Br H 1 C C-H CH3 C-H +B сиз -C C :OH и Bromohy (Harkonikov froduct)


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