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Which of the following will have the lowest boiling point?

I.                     CH3(CH2)3 CH3

II.                   CH3CH2CH3

III.                 CH3CH2CH2OH

IV.                CH3CHOHCH3

Select one:

a. II.
b. III.
c. I.
d. IV.

Expert Answer

Step 1

The compound that will have the lowest boiling point is to be determined-

  1. CH3(CH2)3CH3
  2. CH3CH2CH3
  3. CH3CH2CH2OH
Step 2

The boiling point determines the strength of intermolecular forces between their molecules.

Thus, the stronger the intermolecular force, higher is the boiling point.

Step 3

Intermolecular interactions are the forces that act between the neighbouring molecules.

In general, there are four types of intermolecular forces-

London-dispersion forces: It is the weakest force that exists between all the molecules. It is temporary attractive force that results due to movement of electrons.

Dipole-dipole interactions: The polar molecules are dipoles i.e., one end has a negative charge while the other end has positive charge. When one dipole comes in vicinity of another dipole, the negative end of one dipole attracts the positive end of ...

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