General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
ISBN: 9781305580343



General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
ISBN: 9781305580343
Textbook Problem

A beaker weighed 50.90 g. To the beaker was added 5.680 g of iron pellets and 53.3 g of hydrochloric acid. What was the total mass of the beaker and the mixture (before reaction)? Express the answer to the correct number of significant figures.

Interpretation Introduction


The total amount of beaker and mixture before reaction has to be calculated.

Concept Introduction:

Law of conservation of mass states that, the total amount of material in the reactant side has to be equal to the total amount of material in the product side.


In the problem statement it is given that, 5.680g of iron pellets is added to 53.3g of hydrochloric acid that is taken in a beaker which weighs 50.9g . The total mass of beaker and mixture before the reaction can be found by adding all the weights given,

Mass of beaker + Mass of Fe   +  Mass of HCl  =   50.9 g  + 5.68 g  + 53

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