Essentials Of Statistics For Busin...

9th Edition
David R. Anderson + 4 others
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9780357045435

Essentials Of Statistics For Busin...

9th Edition
David R. Anderson + 4 others
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9780357045435


Chapter 11.2, Problem 13E
Textbook Problem

Find the following F distribution values from Table 4 of Appendix B.

  1. a. F.05 with degrees of freedom 5 and 10
  2. b. F.025 with degrees of freedom 20 and 15
  3. c. F.01 with degrees of freedom 8 and 12
  4. d. F.10 with degrees of freedom 10 and 20

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