Calculus: Early Transcendental Fun...

7th Edition
Ron Larson + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337552516



Calculus: Early Transcendental Fun...

7th Edition
Ron Larson + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337552516
Textbook Problem

Moving Ladder A ladder 25 feet long is leaning against the wall of a house (see figure). The base of the ladder is pulled away from the wall at a rate of 2 feet per second.

(a) How fast is the top of the ladder moving down the wall when its base is 7 feet. 15 feet, and 24 feet from die wall?

(b) Consider die triangle formed by the side of the house, the ladder, and the ground. Find the rate at which die area of the triangle is changing when die base of the ladder is 7 feet from the wall.

(c) Find the rate at which the angle between the ladder and the wall of the house is changing when die base of the ladder is 7 feet from the wall.



To determine

To calculate: How fast the top of the ladder of 25 feet long is moving down when it is leaning against the wall of a house and its base is pulled away from the wall at the rate of 2 feet per second.



Refer to figure in question

Base: 7 feet, 15 feet and 24 feet

Formula used:



The ladder always makes a right triangle with the wall and the ground.

So x and y are functions of time, x=x(t) and y=y(t),

From the Pythagorean Theorem, x2+y2=252  ..........(1)

Differentiating the function,


Using the Chain Rule,


Let, f(u)=u2 and g(t)=x(t) so that f(g(t))=x(t)2


ddt[x(t)2]=d(u2)du|u=x(t)dx(t)dt x


To determine

To calculate: The rate at which the area of the triangle which is formed by the side of the house, the ladder and the ground is changing when the base of the ladder is 7 feet from the wall.


To determine

To calculate: The rate at which the angle between the ladder and the wall of the house is changing when the base of the ladder is 7 feet from the wall.

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P-55ESect-3.2 P-56ESect-3.2 P-57ESect-3.2 P-58ESect-3.2 P-59ESect-3.2 P-60ESect-3.2 P-61ESect-3.2 P-62ESect-3.2 P-63ESect-3.2 P-64ESect-3.2 P-65ESect-3.2 P-66ESect-3.2 P-67ESect-3.2 P-68ESect-3.2 P-69ESect-3.2 P-70ESect-3.2 P-71ESect-3.2 P-72ESect-3.2 P-73ESect-3.2 P-74ESect-3.2 P-75ESect-3.2 P-76ESect-3.2 P-77ESect-3.2 P-78ESect-3.2 P-79ESect-3.2 P-80ESect-3.2 P-81ESect-3.2 P-82ESect-3.2 P-83ESect-3.2 P-84ESect-3.2 P-85ESect-3.2 P-86ESect-3.2 P-87ESect-3.2 P-88ESect-3.2 P-89ESect-3.2 P-90ESect-3.2 P-91ESect-3.2 P-92ESect-3.2 P-93ESect-3.2 P-94ESect-3.2 P-95ESect-3.2 P-96ESect-3.2 P-97ESect-3.2 P-98ESect-3.2 P-99ESect-3.2 P-100ESect-3.2 P-101ESect-3.2 P-102ESect-3.2 P-103ESect-3.2 P-104ESect-3.2 P-105ESect-3.2 P-106ESect-3.2 P-107ESect-3.2 P-108ESect-3.2 P-109ESect-3.2 P-110ESect-3.2 P-111ESect-3.2 P-112ESect-3.2 P-113ESect-3.2 P-114ESect-3.2 P-115ESect-3.2 P-116ESect-3.2 P-117ESect-3.2 P-118ESect-3.2 P-119ESect-3.2 P-120ESect-3.2 P-121ESect-3.3 P-1ESect-3.3 P-2ESect-3.3 P-3ESect-3.3 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P-143ESect-3.3 P-144ESect-3.3 P-145ESect-3.3 P-146ESect-3.4 P-1ESect-3.4 P-2ESect-3.4 P-3ESect-3.4 P-4ESect-3.4 P-5ESect-3.4 P-6ESect-3.4 P-7ESect-3.4 P-8ESect-3.4 P-9ESect-3.4 P-10ESect-3.4 P-11ESect-3.4 P-12ESect-3.4 P-13ESect-3.4 P-14ESect-3.4 P-15ESect-3.4 P-16ESect-3.4 P-17ESect-3.4 P-18ESect-3.4 P-19ESect-3.4 P-20ESect-3.4 P-21ESect-3.4 P-22ESect-3.4 P-23ESect-3.4 P-24ESect-3.4 P-25ESect-3.4 P-26ESect-3.4 P-27ESect-3.4 P-28ESect-3.4 P-29ESect-3.4 P-30ESect-3.4 P-31ESect-3.4 P-32ESect-3.4 P-33ESect-3.4 P-34ESect-3.4 P-35ESect-3.4 P-36ESect-3.4 P-37ESect-3.4 P-38ESect-3.4 P-39ESect-3.4 P-40ESect-3.4 P-41ESect-3.4 P-42ESect-3.4 P-43ESect-3.4 P-44ESect-3.4 P-45ESect-3.4 P-46ESect-3.4 P-47ESect-3.4 P-48ESect-3.4 P-49ESect-3.4 P-50ESect-3.4 P-51ESect-3.4 P-52ESect-3.4 P-53ESect-3.4 P-54ESect-3.4 P-55ESect-3.4 P-56ESect-3.4 P-57ESect-3.4 P-58ESect-3.4 P-59ESect-3.4 P-60ESect-3.4 P-61ESect-3.4 P-62ESect-3.4 P-63ESect-3.4 P-64ESect-3.4 P-65ESect-3.4 P-66ESect-3.4 P-67ESect-3.4 P-68ESect-3.4 P-69ESect-3.4 P-70ESect-3.4 P-71ESect-3.4 P-72ESect-3.4 P-73ESect-3.4 P-74ESect-3.4 P-75ESect-3.4 P-76ESect-3.4 P-77ESect-3.4 P-78ESect-3.4 P-79ESect-3.4 P-80ESect-3.4 P-81ESect-3.4 P-82ESect-3.4 P-83ESect-3.4 P-84ESect-3.4 P-85ESect-3.4 P-86ESect-3.4 P-87ESect-3.4 P-88ESect-3.4 P-89ESect-3.4 P-90ESect-3.4 P-91ESect-3.4 P-92ESect-3.4 P-93ESect-3.4 P-94ESect-3.4 P-95ESect-3.4 P-96ESect-3.4 P-97ESect-3.4 P-98ESect-3.4 P-99ESect-3.4 P-100ESect-3.4 P-101ESect-3.4 P-102ESect-3.4 P-103ESect-3.4 P-104ESect-3.4 P-105ESect-3.4 P-106ESect-3.4 P-107ESect-3.4 P-108ESect-3.4 P-109ESect-3.4 P-110ESect-3.4 P-111ESect-3.4 P-112ESect-3.4 P-113ESect-3.4 P-114ESect-3.4 P-115ESect-3.4 P-116ESect-3.4 P-117ESect-3.4 P-118ESect-3.4 P-119ESect-3.4 P-120ESect-3.4 P-121ESect-3.4 P-122ESect-3.4 P-123ESect-3.4 P-124ESect-3.4 P-125ESect-3.4 P-126ESect-3.4 P-127ESect-3.4 P-128ESect-3.4 P-129ESect-3.4 P-130ESect-3.4 P-131ESect-3.4 P-132ESect-3.4 P-133ESect-3.4 P-134ESect-3.4 P-135ESect-3.4 P-136ESect-3.4 P-137ESect-3.4 P-138ESect-3.4 P-139ESect-3.4 P-140ESect-3.4 P-141ESect-3.4 P-142ESect-3.4 P-143ESect-3.4 P-144ESect-3.4 P-145ESect-3.4 P-146ESect-3.4 P-147ESect-3.4 P-148ESect-3.4 P-149ESect-3.4 P-150ESect-3.4 P-151ESect-3.4 P-152ESect-3.4 P-153ESect-3.4 P-154ESect-3.4 P-155ESect-3.4 P-156ESect-3.4 P-157ESect-3.4 P-158ESect-3.4 P-159ESect-3.4 P-160ESect-3.4 P-161ESect-3.4 P-162ESect-3.4 P-163ESect-3.4 P-164ESect-3.4 P-165ESect-3.4 P-166ESect-3.4 P-167ESect-3.4 P-168ESect-3.4 P-169ESect-3.4 P-170ESect-3.4 P-171ESect-3.4 P-172ESect-3.4 P-173ESect-3.4 P-174ESect-3.4 P-175ESect-3.4 P-176ESect-3.4 P-177ESect-3.4 P-178ESect-3.4 P-179ESect-3.4 P-180ESect-3.4 P-181ESect-3.4 P-182ESect-3.4 P-183ESect-3.4 P-184ESect-3.4 P-185ESect-3.4 P-186ESect-3.5 P-1ESect-3.5 P-2ESect-3.5 P-3ESect-3.5 P-4ESect-3.5 P-5ESect-3.5 P-6ESect-3.5 P-7ESect-3.5 P-8ESect-3.5 P-9ESect-3.5 P-10ESect-3.5 P-11ESect-3.5 P-12ESect-3.5 P-13ESect-3.5 P-14ESect-3.5 P-15ESect-3.5 P-16ESect-3.5 P-17ESect-3.5 P-18ESect-3.5 P-19ESect-3.5 P-20ESect-3.5 P-21ESect-3.5 P-22ESect-3.5 P-23ESect-3.5 P-24ESect-3.5 P-25ESect-3.5 P-26ESect-3.5 P-27ESect-3.5 P-28ESect-3.5 P-29ESect-3.5 P-30ESect-3.5 P-31ESect-3.5 P-32ESect-3.5 P-33ESect-3.5 P-34ESect-3.5 P-35ESect-3.5 P-36ESect-3.5 P-37ESect-3.5 P-38ESect-3.5 P-39ESect-3.5 P-40ESect-3.5 P-41ESect-3.5 P-42ESect-3.5 P-43ESect-3.5 P-44ESect-3.5 P-45ESect-3.5 P-46ESect-3.5 P-47ESect-3.5 P-48ESect-3.5 P-49ESect-3.5 P-50ESect-3.5 P-51ESect-3.5 P-52ESect-3.5 P-53ESect-3.5 P-54ESect-3.5 P-55ESect-3.5 P-56ESect-3.5 P-57ESect-3.5 P-58ESect-3.5 P-59ESect-3.5 P-60ESect-3.5 P-61ESect-3.5 P-62ESect-3.5 P-63ESect-3.5 P-64ESect-3.5 P-65ESect-3.5 P-66ESect-3.5 P-67ESect-3.5 P-68ESect-3.5 P-69ESect-3.5 P-70ESect-3.5 P-71ESect-3.5 P-72ESect-3.5 P-73ESect-3.5 P-74ESect-3.5 P-75ESect-3.5 P-76ESect-3.5 P-77ESect-3.5 P-78ESect-3.5 P-79ESect-3.5 P-80ESect-3.5 P-81ESect-3.5 P-82ESect-3.5 P-83ESect-3.5 P-84ESect-3.5 P-85ESect-3.5 P-86ESect-3.5 P-87ESect-3.5 P-88ESect-3.5 P-89ESect-3.5 P-90ESect-3.5 P-91ESect-3.5 P-92ESect-3.5 P-93ESect-3.5 P-94ESect-3.5 P-95ESect-3.6 P-1ESect-3.6 P-2ESect-3.6 P-3ESect-3.6 P-4ESect-3.6 P-5ESect-3.6 P-6ESect-3.6 P-7ESect-3.6 P-8ESect-3.6 P-9ESect-3.6 P-10ESect-3.6 P-11ESect-3.6 P-12ESect-3.6 P-13ESect-3.6 P-14ESect-3.6 P-15ESect-3.6 P-16ESect-3.6 P-17ESect-3.6 P-18ESect-3.6 P-19ESect-3.6 P-20ESect-3.6 P-21ESect-3.6 P-22ESect-3.6 P-23ESect-3.6 P-24ESect-3.6 P-25ESect-3.6 P-26ESect-3.6 P-27ESect-3.6 P-28ESect-3.6 P-29ESect-3.6 P-30ESect-3.6 P-31ESect-3.6 P-32ESect-3.6 P-33ESect-3.6 P-34ESect-3.6 P-35ESect-3.6 P-36ESect-3.6 P-37ESect-3.6 P-38ESect-3.6 P-39ESect-3.6 P-40ESect-3.6 P-41ESect-3.6 P-42ESect-3.6 P-43ESect-3.6 P-44ESect-3.6 P-45ESect-3.6 P-46ESect-3.6 P-47ESect-3.6 P-48ESect-3.6 P-49ESect-3.6 P-50ESect-3.6 P-51ESect-3.6 P-52ESect-3.6 P-53ESect-3.6 P-54ESect-3.6 P-55ESect-3.6 P-56ESect-3.6 P-57ESect-3.6 P-58ESect-3.6 P-59ESect-3.6 P-60ESect-3.6 P-61ESect-3.6 P-62ESect-3.6 P-63ESect-3.6 P-64ESect-3.6 P-65ESect-3.6 P-66ESect-3.6 P-67ESect-3.6 P-68ESect-3.6 P-69ESect-3.6 P-70ESect-3.6 P-71ESect-3.6 P-73ESect-3.6 P-74ESect-3.6 P-75ESect-3.6 P-76ESect-3.6 P-77ESect-3.6 P-78ESect-3.6 P-79ESect-3.6 P-80ESect-3.6 P-81ESect-3.6 P-82ESect-3.6 P-83ESect-3.6 P-84ESect-3.6 P-85ESect-3.6 P-86ESect-3.7 P-1ESect-3.7 P-2ESect-3.7 P-3ESect-3.7 P-4ESect-3.7 P-5ESect-3.7 P-6ESect-3.7 P-7ESect-3.7 P-8ESect-3.7 P-9ESect-3.7 P-10ESect-3.7 P-11ESect-3.7 P-12ESect-3.7 P-13ESect-3.7 P-14ESect-3.7 P-15ESect-3.7 P-16ESect-3.7 P-17ESect-3.7 P-18ESect-3.7 P-19ESect-3.7 P-20ESect-3.7 P-21ESect-3.7 P-22ESect-3.7 P-23ESect-3.7 P-24ESect-3.7 P-25ESect-3.7 P-26ESect-3.7 P-27ESect-3.7 P-28ESect-3.7 P-29ESect-3.7 P-30ESect-3.7 P-31ESect-3.7 P-32ESect-3.7 P-33ESect-3.7 P-34ESect-3.7 P-35ESect-3.7 P-36ESect-3.7 P-37ESect-3.7 P-38ESect-3.7 P-39ESect-3.7 P-40ESect-3.7 P-41ESect-3.7 P-42ESect-3.7 P-43ESect-3.7 P-44ESect-3.7 P-45ESect-3.7 P-46ESect-3.7 P-47ESect-3.7 P-48ESect-3.7 P-49ESect-3.7 P-50ESect-3.7 P-51ESect-3.8 P-1ESect-3.8 P-2ESect-3.8 P-3ESect-3.8 P-4ESect-3.8 P-5ESect-3.8 P-6ESect-3.8 P-7ESect-3.8 P-8ESect-3.8 P-9ESect-3.8 P-10ESect-3.8 P-11ESect-3.8 P-12ESect-3.8 P-13ESect-3.8 P-14ESect-3.8 P-15ESect-3.8 P-16ESect-3.8 P-17ESect-3.8 P-18ESect-3.8 P-19ESect-3.8 P-20ESect-3.8 P-21ESect-3.8 P-22ESect-3.8 P-23ESect-3.8 P-24ESect-3.8 P-25ESect-3.8 P-26ESect-3.8 P-27ESect-3.8 P-28ESect-3.8 P-29ESect-3.8 P-30ESect-3.8 P-31ESect-3.8 P-32ESect-3.8 P-33ESect-3.8 P-34ESect-3.8 P-35ESect-3.8 P-36ESect-3.8 P-37ESect-3.8 P-38ESect-3.8 P-39ESect-3.8 P-40ESect-3.8 P-41ESect-3.8 P-42ESect-3.8 P-43ESect-3.8 P-44ESect-3.8 P-45ESect-3.8 P-46ECh-3 P-1RECh-3 P-2RECh-3 P-3RECh-3 P-4RECh-3 P-5RECh-3 P-6RECh-3 P-7RECh-3 P-8RECh-3 P-9RECh-3 P-10RECh-3 P-11RECh-3 P-12RECh-3 P-13RECh-3 P-14RECh-3 P-15RECh-3 P-16RECh-3 P-17RECh-3 P-18RECh-3 P-19RECh-3 P-20RECh-3 P-21RECh-3 P-22RECh-3 P-23RECh-3 P-24RECh-3 P-25RECh-3 P-26RECh-3 P-27RECh-3 P-28RECh-3 P-29RECh-3 P-30RECh-3 P-31RECh-3 P-32RECh-3 P-33RECh-3 P-34RECh-3 P-35RECh-3 P-36RECh-3 P-37RECh-3 P-38RECh-3 P-39RECh-3 P-40RECh-3 P-41RECh-3 P-42RECh-3 P-43RECh-3 P-44RECh-3 P-45RECh-3 P-46RECh-3 P-47RECh-3 P-48RECh-3 P-49RECh-3 P-50RECh-3 P-51RECh-3 P-52RECh-3 P-53RECh-3 P-54RECh-3 P-55RECh-3 P-56RECh-3 P-57RECh-3 P-58RECh-3 P-59RECh-3 P-60RECh-3 P-61RECh-3 P-62RECh-3 P-63RECh-3 P-64RECh-3 P-65RECh-3 P-66RECh-3 P-67RECh-3 P-68RECh-3 P-69RECh-3 P-70RECh-3 P-71RECh-3 P-72RECh-3 P-73RECh-3 P-74RECh-3 P-75RECh-3 P-76RECh-3 P-77RECh-3 P-78RECh-3 P-79RECh-3 P-80RECh-3 P-81RECh-3 P-82RECh-3 P-83RECh-3 P-84RECh-3 P-85RECh-3 P-86RECh-3 P-87RECh-3 P-88RECh-3 P-89RECh-3 P-90RECh-3 P-91RECh-3 P-92RECh-3 P-93RECh-3 P-94RECh-3 P-95RECh-3 P-96RECh-3 P-97RECh-3 P-98RECh-3 P-99RECh-3 P-100RECh-3 P-101RECh-3 P-102RECh-3 P-103RECh-3 P-104RECh-3 P-105RECh-3 P-106RECh-3 P-107RECh-3 P-108RECh-3 P-109RECh-3 P-110RECh-3 P-111RECh-3 P-112RECh-3 P-113RECh-3 P-114RECh-3 P-115RECh-3 P-116RECh-3 P-117RECh-3 P-118RECh-3 P-119RECh-3 P-120RECh-3 P-121RECh-3 P-122RECh-3 P-123RECh-3 P-124RECh-3 P-125RECh-3 P-126RECh-3 P-127RECh-3 P-128RECh-3 P-129RECh-3 P-130RECh-3 P-1PSCh-3 P-2PSCh-3 P-3PSCh-3 P-4PSCh-3 P-5PSCh-3 P-6PSCh-3 P-7PSCh-3 P-8PSCh-3 P-9PSCh-3 P-10PSCh-3 P-11PSCh-3 P-12PSCh-3 P-13PSCh-3 P-14PSCh-3 P-15PSCh-3 P-16PS

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Write the number in polar form with argument between 0 and 2. 26. 13i

Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Volume I

If f(t)=4t+1 find f(2).

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Other Equations Find all real solutions of the equation. 87. x2x+100=50

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Suppose a line L has equation Ax + By + C = 0. a. What is the slope of L if B 0? b. What is the slope of L if ...

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Evaluate the integrals in Problems 1-26. 11.

Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences

Calculate y'. 16. y=(u1u2+u+1)4

Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals

What is the equation of the tangent line to y = cos x at x=3? a) y=1232(x3) b) y=12+32(x3) c) y=12+32(x3) d) y=...

Study Guide for Stewart's Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th

The area of the region bounded by , , and r = sec θ is:

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In RSTV, VT=3x1,TS=2x+1,andRS=4(x2). Find the value of x._

Elementary Geometry for College Students