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  • The Book Thief Summer Book Report

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    9 20 March 2015 The Book Thief Summer Book Report 3. What are the best parts of this book? Why? What are the worst parts of this book? Why? Give details with page numbers from the book to explain. I think the best parts of the book are where you see Liesel grow and understand the difficult times that she lives in with her limited knowledge of life. Something I really enjoyed this book was the characterization and background of the characters. One of the best parts of the book is when we see the first

  • Book Report On Technology And The Internet

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    This book is different than other books of the similar topics. Normally, when the topic of a book is about “technology” or “internet”, it is difficult for the book to be written in a fun way because let’s face it; this topic itself is a little tedious. However, this book showed us a brand new way of talking about Internet and the influence it has brought to our life. The way the author quoted the researchers’ sentences and theories helped us to feel more willing to continue reading this book. We used

  • Essay on Minority Report: The Book vs the Movie

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    It is a fool-proof system born to ensure absolute safety…but when it crumbles, would you go against everything it stands for just to save it? This is the platform that Philip K. Dick, author of the sci-fi short story "The Minority Report" (MR), has given us. Set in a futuristic New York City, we see Police Commissioner John A. Anderton as the founder of a promising new branch of policing: Precrime, a system that uses "Precogs" (mutated and retarded oracles) to predict all future crimes. However,

  • What Is The Positive Impact Of Arts Integration In Education?

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    Zee’s third grade class on September 18th and 19th for an hour each. During this time her class was reading stories by Patricia Polacco, a famous children's writer and illustrator. The students were split up into groups and each group read a different book by Patricia Polacco. On September 19th Mrs. Van Zee used and discussed visual arts with the class. They talked about the characteristics of Patricia Polacco’s illustrations as a class. They were then given a piece of paper and were told to draw a

  • Book Report on I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing by Maya Angelou

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    then moves back to her grandmother’s. As a teenager Maya gets nervous about her sexual identity and tries to discover it. Through these harsh times, the naïve and softhearted Maya grows to become a strong, independent woman. A major theme in this book is about God. Seen in, “If there is going to be hope and a hope of wholeness, is the unshaking need for an unshakeable God.” (23) Maya’s grandma is a firm believer of God, and since Maya moves in with her, she forces Maya to go to church every Sunday

  • Book report

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    [LSGI1D03] - [Living in a dynamic earth] with English Writing Requirements ([Huseyin Baki IZ]) [Book report of 'Earth Science and Human History 101'] STUDENT NAME: [LAU KA KI VIVIAN] STUDENT ID: [12102126D] GROUP ID: EWT004[JOE CHING] DATE: [17/10/2013] CAR - Living in a dynamic earth Essay first draft Evolving from ape-man society to the advanced civilization nowadays, people start to inhabit in artificial concrete jungle and live far away from the given natural environment

  • Book Report

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    Dakota, and he has just received information regarding the amount of fallout protection his home would provide his family in the event of a nuclear attack. The Bureau of the Census provided the information as part of the Home Shelter Survey. The report was not what the man wanted to hear. The protection factor of the man’s basement was nowhere near the recommended minimum of forty. The man thought of how scared his wife was; he just wanted her to feel safe. The man wished he could be more like

  • Book Report

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    We both sat in silence in that small diner. There was nothing to be said as the call that morning had confirmed our fears. Both me and Anderson were pilots, well technically he was a navigator even though he was much more skilled than I was. Us and two other pilots were hired to fly deeper into the Russian dead zone than anyone had gone before. Known as the “bone yard” for people like us, because of all of the hundreds of planes that had been scrapped because of either radiation jamming or some of

  • Book Report On The Book Hatchet

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    Hatchet Book Report In the novel Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen the theme is survival of the fittest. In Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen the book binds you to continue reading it until the very end. It like you are there with Brian and had a very descriptive image what it would look like standing next to him. “ A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without leaving your chair” - Katrina Mayer. The plot of Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen is very interesting because of how you could

  • Book Report On The Book ' I '

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    For this reading assignment, we were reading chapters 1, 2, and 3 I find it helpful to me to read, take notes and write out summaries as if this was two books. I will start off each time with Wes the author. As the book opens, we have Wes remembering a day that he and his older sister, Nikki, were playing a game. Wes caught her, and not knowing what to do, punched her in the face. Joy, Wes’ mother, was very upset because Wes had hit a “girl”, and sent him to his room. Wes’ father calmed Joy down