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  • Early Childhood Curriculum

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    Discuss Early Childhood Curriculum approaches: Compare and Contrast of High/Scope, Reggio and Te Whariki Introduction: Early Childhood is an important stage of children’s life. By interacting with people around (each other and the adults), children explore and make sense of the world around them. A successful early childhood curriculum should fulfill children’s need to give children rich experience at the most important developmental stage of their lives. This paper will critically discuss, compare

  • Early Childhood Research

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    Research is an asset for practitioners who believe in evidence based practice (Aubrey et al, 2006). This essay will define research and explain its value to early childhood educators and the early childhood education field. “Research is a systematic investigation to find answers to a problem” (Burns, 2000, p.3). Research begins with defining the project, preparing a research proposal, choosing the appropriate methodology and method, searching and reviewing the literature, choosing the participants

  • Early Childhood Education

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    in the early childhood setting. The main objective is to identify key elements and issues in relation to the families, diversity and difference. In particular how an early childhood educator implements, different approaches to honour culture and diversity, and to advocate for social justice in an early childhood settings. As such, it allows an insight into the important role that families and their background plays in the everyday lives of the children and educators within early childhood settings

  • The Importance Of Early Childhood Education

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    that early childhood education presents a vital role in developing a child’s brain. Children are majorly expected to attend this stage of education at the age of 6years where they receive quality care at a specified age before joining the next stage (AL-Othman, Gregory, Jessel & Khalil, 2015). In most countries, pre-kindergarten education which is also early childhood education is perceived as a necessary stage of learning for every child. Countries such as the US recognize early childhood education

  • Benefits Of Early Childhood Education

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    INTRODUCTION Early childhood education has not always been the top priority in the education world. Although, research has proved that it should be the top priority as the benefits of Early Childhood Education are innumerous. Extensive neuroscience research has discovered that the brain is build over time and it is built from the bottom up. Early childhood experiences directly affect the quality brain development. Establishing a sturdy foundation through a high quality early childhood education experience

  • Disposition & Early Childhood Teachers

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    Disposition & Early Childhood Teachers 1 Disposition and Early Childhood Education Preservice Teachers: Where to Start? Ursula Thomas, Ed.D University of West Georgia Ursula Thomas Ed.D is an assistant professor of early childhood education at the University of West Georgia. Her research efforts focus on cultural mediation and teacher belief systems in the context of early childhood and teacher education. Correspondence should be addressed to: Ursula Thomas, University of West Georgia. Dept.

  • The Importance Of Early Childhood Education

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    what we need to do, as early childhood educators to give the children the best possible care and early education. We follow NAEYC’s standards on diversity, culture and developmentally appropriate practices in many ways at the center I currently work in. By working with parents, communication, trying to use the child’s home languages, having an open-door policy, and volunteers are just a few ways my center uses DAP and show cultural diversity. NAEYC wants early childhood programs to have a welcoming

  • Technology Into Early Childhood Education

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    Matters to Consider when introducing Technology into Early Childhood Education Introduction Earlier research was more concerned with weather or not technology; including computers were, in fact, beneficial to children's learning. Current research is concerned with how technology can be used to support children's learning and development (Morrison, 2009). Acronyms like PC, CD, DVD, PDA, DSL, eBay, and .com, are part of our professional vocabulary right alongside ECE… technology has changed the way

  • Becoming An Early Childhood Teacher

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    separated into three part, the first part is to explain what has influenced me to become an early childhood teacher. The second part is to explain the situation of early childhood education in Australia today. The last part is going to explain my philosophy and provide some support evidences. Why I want to become an early childhood teacher? There are two people that influenced me to become a early childhood teacher, one is Miss.Huang and the other is Eason. When I was small, I have studied in 2 different

  • History Of Early Childhood Education

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    Introduction Early Childhood Education (ECE) is also nursery education and is a branch of education theory which relates to the teaching of young children (formally and informally) up until the age of about eight. Infant/ toddler education, a subset of early childhood education, denotes the education of children from birth to age two. The history of early childhood care and education refers to the development of care and education of children between zero and eight years old throughout history. Early childhood