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  • Emergency Room Boarding

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    Running head: BOARDING PATIENTS IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT 1 Boarding Patients in the Emergency Department Lauren Wiese University of Scranton BOARDING PATIENTS IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT 2 Abstract A patient who is boarded is one who remains in the emergency department even after they have been admitted to the hospital. Boarding patients in the emergency department has become a problem for many hospitals in America today. It has affected the health and safety of

  • The Emergency Room Services ( Ed )

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    Going to the emergency room is not something most people want to do. However, on occasion it is necessary to utilize the emergency room services (ED). What necessitates that trip is debatable; social norms, prevailing trends, environmental demographics, culture, individual factors, the perception of illness and access to healthcare have all been discussed. It is not this authors intention to determine the root cause, but merely raise awareness that issues exist. Increased Patient Wait Times Result

  • Descriptive Essay - Emergency Room

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    the double doors of the emergency room burst open. Pushed by several nurses, doctors, and other medical staff, a lone hospital stretcher with a bloody, wounded patient flies through the medical center towards the doors to the operating room. This image is what generally comes to mind when you think about an emergency room. Many people believe that the hospital’s emergency room is a dark and scary place. While this is true, the common misconception is that the emergency room is a place clear of humor

  • Electronic Charting Of The Emergency Room

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    Electronic Charting in the Emergency Room According to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Emergency Department head COL Timothy Barron, M.D., the FBCH emergency department sees 52,000 patients per year. This makes it the busiest emergency room in the Defense Health Agency and the 5th busiest in the Department of Defense (T. Barron, personal communication, May 12, 2016). Despite this high flow of patients, the emergency department continues to use paper charting. This increases the risk of error in documenting

  • Emergency Rooms And The Health Care

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    the better. The emergency room is the part of a hospital that will provide immediate treatment to the acutely ill or traumatised patient. Thus, emergency rooms are very important aspect of the health care to many people as life-threatening injuries could happen to anyone during their lifetime. In addition to that, emergency departments have to function quickly in order to give the best and fast care to the ill. This paper will be covering the their history of emergency rooms, their positive and

  • Emergency Room Shadowing Report

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    shadow Dr. Kristen James, D.O., a young emergency room Physician (approximately 33-34) who works in the E.R. at Tenova North Knoxville Medical Center. The length of all emergency room shifts are twelve hours—7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., or 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.— but for the sake of the well being of my mind and body, I only shadowed for a half of a shift (11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). I had previously shadowed my father in the same emergency room for a twelve hour shift and I knew that

  • A Hospital 's Emergency Room

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    Bioterrorism/Disaster Plan A hospital’s emergency room (ER) is typically the site for initial presentation of patients from a disaster or bioterrorism event. Consequently, nurses working in the ER setting are the first to treat these patients. Thus it is of great importance to have a plan in place that can effectively meet the unique needs of this type of situation. As a nurse employed in the ER at Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) in Vincennes, Indiana, I will be one of the first to see patients

  • Essay on Emergency Room Physicians

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    Emergency room physicians are on the front lines in a crisis, caring for everyone from trauma victims to sick kids. An ability to think quickly and care for a wide variety of patients makes them valuable assets at every hospital. It also brings some perks. When sudden illness or acute injury strikes, patients turn to hospital emergency rooms for immediate medical assistance. An ER doctor, or emergency medicine specialist, is a physician who diagnoses and treats illnesses and injuries in a hospital

  • Telemedicine Use In The Emergency Room Essay

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    most hospital emergency rooms, therefore the hospital wants to ensure proper training and use of the telemedicine equipment. The hospital has noted nominal use of the telemedicine equipment even though there has been a rise in neurology admissions through the emergency room. The hospital understands that simply providing telemedicine equipment in the emergency room does not necessarily guarantee proper use. There are concerns that the equipment may not be used due to emergency room personnel feeling

  • Questions On Emergency Room Focus Objectives

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    Angela Hackney 11/12/14 ER LONE STAR COLLEGE-NORTH HARRIS ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING RNSG 2361 Objectives: Emergency Room Focus Objectives Complete the following and submit to clinical faculty as directed. Preparation: Review-- NPA, Nursing Process, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Erickson’s Developmental Tasks, Principles of Crisis Intervention, Higher level psychomotor skills in a Clinical Skills Text & copies of agency’s policies related to such skills execution, NHC-ADN Policies for Medication