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  • The Ballistic Missile Submarine

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    countries. With the threat of nuclear war lingering in our domain, the United States counters this spreading issue with the ballistic missile submarine to provide strategic deterrence. Ballistic missile submarines have been important to the United States and Russia, as well as other nuclear powers, since the beginning of the Cold War. Ballistic missile submarines can evade satellites and discharge their nuclear munitions with little interference. This allows them to be protected from a first strike directed

  • Submarines: Breathing Underwater Essay examples

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    Leap 1: Breathing Underwater Submarines are unique breed. Invisible to all her enemies she’s prime to unleash her awesome apocalypse been enhanced. The journey began in 1776, the world’s first more summery hola wooden spear with a limited supply of air. At the height of American war for independence the Americans find themselves at a severe disadvantage there warships were of no match to British navy. They hatch a plan that relies on guile rather than brute force. The scheme requires a new kind of

  • The History of Submarines Essay

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    The History of Submarines Wouldn’t it be fun to ride a torpedo, or drive a nuclear reactor around underwater? In this research paper I am going to illustrate the ingenius submarine. The submarine is one of the most important strategic and tactical weapons systems of the 20th Century, and this importance will increase in the 21st Century. The tiny, leaking, creaking, and unsafe submarine boats of the 1890’s, displacing under two hundred tons and carrying a handful of men and a few torpedoes have

  • A Career As A Submarine Officer

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    (1) Student Background Life is made up of challenges and obstacles that people must overcome to full fill their dreams. For me one goal I had in life was to serve in the United States Navy as a Submarine Officer. This dream would not come easy to accomplish since I come from a family with 6 siblings all around the same ages and all going to college. But I would not let that stop me I did my research and found the school that was perfect for me. It was the University of Oklahoma for they offered

  • Submarines Revolutionized Naval Warfare

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    different types of attacks and routes. “Submarines revolutionized naval warfare by introducing underwater vessels capable of attacking enemy ships” (“Military War Technology”). Submarines are a huge contribution to different types of attacks and strategies. It has made it possible to attack enemies under the water and to be stealthy

  • Submarines During The Civil War

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    A submarine is defined as “something that functions or operates underwater; specifically: a naval vessel designed to operate underwater.” This definition holds true today but started at the beginning of the Civil War when submarines originally became a popular choice of weaponry. In general, submarine crews were composed of a commander, who steered the boat, and six or more men who used hand cranks to move the boat. Many inventors intended on creating electric motors to move the boat, but they were

  • Essay about Physics of Submarines

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    Submarines have been around for longer than most people think. The first American attempts at creating a submersible boat date back to the days of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. These boats, however, turned out to be just as dangerous to the people on board as they were to the enemy boats. So the concept was put aside for a while. But in the 1890's two men named John Holland and Simon Lake built a practical underwater boat. The US Navy bought its first submarine from Mr. Holland on April

  • Hl Hunley Submarine Essay

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    A submarine that may be unfamiliar to you was called the Pioneer. It was later renamed the H.L Hunley. The most well known submarine during the American Civil War. This submarine belonged to the Confederate States of America. It played a small part in the American Civil War. The Hunley, nearly 4 high and 15ft wide ,was built in Mobile, Alabama and launched in July 1863. The Hunley sank the USS Housatonic on February 1864. The Pioneer or shall I say the H.L Hunley became the first ship ever to

  • Pros And Cons Of A Ballistic Missile Submarine

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    Every Ballistic Missile Submarine has two crews. When one is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the boat, the other works in an office building. One crew is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the ship, known as the On-Crew. The Off-crew is in a phase known as a Pre-deployment period, away from the ship. During this period the off-crew is training and planning maintenance. I relieved as the Engineer Officer during the Pre-deployment training period. The Engineer Officer

  • World War II Submarine Warfare and the United States Essay

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    In the thirty-eight years of the United States Naval Submarine Service no United States submarine had ever sunk an enemy vessel. With the ignition of the Second World War the poorly equipped and poorly trained Silent Service, nicknamed for the limited access of the media to the actions and achievements of the submarines, would be thrust into the position American submariners had longed for. The attack on Pearl Harbor left the United States Navy with few options for retribution. The three remaining