Film Techniques Essay

  • The Second Film Technique Wilson Yip

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    The second film technique Wilson Yip uses to bring out Ip Man’s honor is cinematography. Although cinematography might not seem like an obvious way to bring out honor, it does its part by emphasizing the honor already evident through the characterization and mis en scene. Cinematography in the Ip Man movies lets the audience focus on the elements of honor Wilson Yip is trying to convey. If it were not for very specific cinematic techniques used by Yip, most of the honor built up through characterization

  • Theme and Technique in Films

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    Films are about some topics or themes and involve different types of characters. Many filmmakers use a variety of techniques to convey their messages. The choice on the type of the techniques depends on the theme of the film and how effective the filmmakers want to communicate their ideas. This essay aims at illuminating theme and technique in films basing its argument on Alfred Hitchcock’s movies; Notorious movie, Rope, and Strangers on the Train. Alfred Hitchcock was a director of movies and his

  • Film Techniques in the Movie "Shawshank Redemption"

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    'Shawshank Redemption' directed by Frank Darabont is a compelling film about the life of one of its prisoners, Andy. many film techniques were used through out the film as a clever way of conveying main themes. This essay is going to examine how Darabont used camera angles and colour effectively in this film to portray the idea of power. The use of camera angles was a clear way of defining a characters personality. The warden, Norton, is often seen from a low angles which highlights his high status

  • The Film Techniques Used By Cameron

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    the Stars (1980) to directing various films. Now, he is an Oscar-winning director whose films Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009) remains the top grossing films of all time. He has won various awards from different sides of the world, Norway, France, and the United Kingdom. Mise-en-scenes were well incorporated in each of James Cameron’s movies especially for science fiction movies that used elegantly crafted visuals. This paper will focus on the film techniques used by Cameron in his three most known

  • Essay on Film Techniques in 12 Angry Men

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    Film Techniques in Twelve Angry Men Summary: Reviews the film Twelve Angry Men, directed by Sidney Lumet. Discusses the director's use of cinematic techniques, including lighting, music,and set design, to reinforce the themes of the story. ________________________________________ "Twelve Angry Men", directed by Sidney Lumet, is a film which portrays intentions significantly employed by the use of film techniques. Although entirely set in a cramped, humid jury room (except for the few minutes

  • The Technique Of Film Video Editing History Theory And Practice

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    In Ken Dancyger: The Technique of Film Video Editing History Theory and Practice we can clearly see how editing has changed from the earliest films, when editing was nonexistent to a time when the camera never moved when shooting a scene to a time where you can use montage concepts to make a film more dynamic for the viewer. These were all different stages editing has gone through to get to the point where can use editing as a story telling tool which is just as important as the any other part

  • A Comparison of Film Techniques of Two Film Versions of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    A Comparison of Film Techniques of Two Film Versions of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Mary Shelley wrote her novel 'Frankenstein' when she was just a young girl of nineteen. She wrote it in 1816, when she went on holiday with her friend, Byron. Byron was already a famous poet, and it was him who suggested that whilst they were away, they should both write a ghost story. At the time it was just a way of passing time and having fun for Mary Shelley, but little did she know that

  • Essay about Film Techniques in What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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    "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Film Techniques related to theme Theme: Struggle and Hardship In the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" directed by Lasse Hallstrom in 1993, one of the main ideas is that of struggle and hardship. This idea is significant to the film because it relates to each character in a different way, making the storyline more interesting. Three different techniques used by Lasse Hallstrom to illustrate the idea of struggle and hardship include Gilberts voice over, the extra

  • The Main Techniques of Telling a Story in Various Films Essay

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    The Main Techniques of Telling a Story in Various Films The First film I’m going to talk about is “The Blair witch project” which is a story about 3 teenagers who are filming a documentary about The Blair Witch which is a legend told for years which is said to be true. They act and talk in dialogue making the film seem real we can also relate to this film if we have ever filmed ourselves hanging out with our friends as this is simply what this film does. The characters

  • It Happened One Night Film Techniques

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    In the 1934 film, It Happened One Night directed by Frank Capra, follows two characters Ellie Andrews, played by Claudette Colbert, and Peter Warne, played by Clark Gable. Ellie is trying to escape her overbearing father and escape a life of unhappiness. This romantic screwball film joins two opposite characters from two different economic backgrounds. Screwball comedies often display irreverent humor, clever dialogue, subtitle humor and an odd element of historical relevancy in the time they were

  • Essay on The Lord of the Rings Film Techniques

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    the fate of the world in his hands as he fights to destroy the ring. Throughout Peter Jackson’s film The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers, Saruman’s evil forces continually try to destroy those trying to save Middle Earth. In order to enhance the reality of the film, Peter Jackson uses many different film techniques. To appreciate these techniques, it is beneficial to first understand the plot of the film. The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers takes place in a mythical land called Middle Earth. Thousands

  • Shot Techniques in the Film, Do the Right Thing Essay

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    Shot Techniques in the Film, Do the Right Thing Spike Lee does many fascinating things from a directorial standpoint, which makes his film (dare I say, joint), Do the Right Thing so interesting to watch. Writer, director Lee makes much use of the high and low angle shots. He does this to draw clear contrasts between the two elders of the block, Da Mayor and Mother Sister and to make conflict more apparent. Mother Sister certainly believes she is on a higher moral plane than the lowly Mayor

  • Essay Effective Use of Sound Techniques in Fritz Lang’s Film, M

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    Use of Sound Techniques in Fritz Lang’s Film, M M was directed by Fritz Lang and was released in Germany in 1931. M follows the story of a strand of child murders in a German city. In a hunt for the murderer the police as well as the organized criminal underground of this German city search rapidly for the killer of these innocent children. The specific elements that Fritz Lang uses to express his view of what the sound should be are, how particular sound techniques shape the film, and how the

  • Analysis Of ' Run Lola Run And Street Art ' I Love You '

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    Tom Tykwer 1998 film, Run Lola Run and street art ‘I love you’ by Banksy both explore distinctively visual elements though various film techniques and visual techniques. The two texts aim to manipulate the way in which we explore and interpret the images we are exposed to in our world. One main reason these pieces interrelate is because both texts utilise various techniques in order to create distinctively visual elements which explores the basic aspects of life-love, time and chance. Banksy’s street

  • Essay about A Comparison of Two Film Openings to Great Expectations

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    A Comparison of Two Film Openings to Great Expectations The story "Great Expectations" is based in Victorian times and was written by Charles Dickens in the 1860s. This novel which Charles Dickens wrote has been produced as a film one version by David Lean and another by B.B.C. The B.B.C version is the modern version and the version produced by David Lean is the traditional version. I will be comparing these two versions of the openings to "Great Expectations". These

  • Scene Analysis : Paper Moon

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    1: Paper Moon Han Chul woo, 75288757 Film and Media Studies 85A This essay will contain lucid analysis of the brief clip from the film Paper Moon (Peter Bogdanovich, 1973), including specific techniques of mise-en-scene or cinematography used in the clip. Analysis will explicitly describe the meaning of the film, and how it is related to the techniques of mise-en-scene or cinematography. This clip of the film Paper moon is the last 5 minutes of the film, where Addie Loggins (Tatum O’Neal) decides

  • Film Analysis Of Remember The Titans

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    Remember the Titans – Close Film Analysis In the film ‘Remember the Titans’ directed by Boaz Yakin, the main characters of the Titans are introduced as a group to us in a scene shot in the gymnasium. This scene is when the team first meets the other prospective team members and develop their relationships with each other. Yakin uses this scene to show the tension and intimidation between the two separate teams, especially focusing in on the two coaches (Boone and Yoast) while giving the audience

  • Analysis Of The Film ' The Feather '

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    ening scene, contributes to the tone of the entire movie.From right the beginning of the film, the feather is already floating around in theair. This white feather is a symbolic object that counts as a sign. The whiteness of itseems to show the purity and innocence Forrest has, and his enthusiastic personality,where he is determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill his own, and his friends andfamilies dreams. It also seem to symbolize the famous quote that his mom always said,Life is like a box

  • Wes Anderson : A Creative And Unique Filmmaker

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    narratives and symmetry. Anderson has made a name for himself through several films that depict unusual, yet comical characters, and also connect with the audience through visual aspects. As a young director, Anderson began his amateur career with his debut film Bottle Rocket, and quickly rose to fame by winning several awards, including an AFI Award for Movie of the Year for his 2012 film, Moonrise Kingdom. This particular film expresses Anderson’s quirky style by following the love story of two rebellious

  • Overcomer By Hannah Spanever

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    Overcomer (2016) Short Film The short film Overcomer, directed by Hannah Spangler, is about the effects of depression and anxiety based on her personal struggles from her past. She introduces the obstacles people go through when they have these mental disorders and how much it can drag on a person and bring them down, even things that may not include them yet still have the power to hurt their feelings, but the main point is how she displays how to overcome these things, hence the title “Overcomer”

  • The Use Of Film Techniques In The Film Industry

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    industry by the scruff of the neck. You’ve saved up on some cash and have that burning desire urging you on and fueling your being. However, just as you take that first step, a harsh reality dawns; you haven’t got a clue on where to start in terms of film equipment. So what does your average filmmaker need for proper shooting? Well, let's find out; here’s a look at the essential equipment for filmmaking: 1) HD Camera Arguably the most important weapon in the artillery of any filmmaker, a good camera

  • The Little Prince By Kung Fu Panda 's Mark Osborne

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    Paul Grimault as well as great films like Ernest & Celestine, Persepolis and Time Masters. And whilst some have received high praise, commercial success and even an Oscar nomination or two, one film has slipped off a lot of people 's radars - Mune, le Gardien de la Lune or it 's English title - Mune: The Guardian of the Moon and although the film only came out in 2015, it didn 't get a release in the US or the UK and hasn 't really been talked about at all. The film is directed by Benoît Philippon

  • The Blind Side Essay

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    and year of publication * ‘The Blind Side’ is a film composed by John Lee Hancock (2009) Identify the context in which your ORT has been set and they key ideas related to the concept of belonging which are represented. * The blind Side was created based on the 2006 book ‘The Blind Side: Evolution of a game”. The film was set in Memphis, in various environments such as A Christian School, the Tuohy’s household and other areas. This film explores the life of the main character, Michael Oher

  • Essay about Cultural Differences: Witness - Peter Weir: Into the World

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    The film Witness, directed by Peter Weir portrays the concept of cultural differences between the Amish and the outside world through various film techniques. Weir demonstrates aspects of moving into the world using symbols, characterisation, setting and diegetic and non-diegetic sounds so to convey the significant cultural differences within the film. The contrast of the Amish and the outside world is expressed in the barn scene. The scene opens with the car, which is a symbol and motif of the

  • Sound, camera shots and mise-en-scene; how they convey the narrative to the audience in the opening sequence of "Star Wars-episode iv, A New Hope"

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    breed of high concept, high budget sci-fi action films. It was directed by George Lucas and originally released in only a few cinemas in 1977. However, the buzz around the film grew, and it is now one of the highest grossing films of all time, and along with its sequels, prequels and re-mastered re-releases, has a large cult following. I feel this is because of Lucas` ability to engage the audience through careful use of sound and camera technique; The use of the scrolling story in space sets up

  • Alfred Hitchcock 's Marnie ( 1964 )

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    point-of-view shots, and expressive lighting schemes in order to project the title character’s internal state onto the physical world of the film. In doing so, Hitchcock crafts a diegetic universe that reflects the unique capabilities of film—one that, through subjectivity and expressive editing, reveals a deeper truth than objective representation. The film introduces Marnie through character testimonies rather than offering immediate identification with the protagonist. In its opening scene, a

  • Vertigo Film Techniques Essay

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    Hitchcock makes use of a number of techniques in Vertigo and brings them together to make a film that is considered to be one of his greatest masterpieces. Through the use of colour, lighting, camera movement, dialogue and characterisation, Hitchcock produces a film that fascinates and intrigues us. One of the key techniques, which Hitchcock makes, use of in Vertigo is the different use of colour. He chooses certain colours due to their symbolic connotations and then uses them to contrast different

  • Critical Analysis of a Sequence from FANTASIA Essay

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    and every one of the slides was so smooth was because they used a technique which was very similar to ghosting that we now use on the computers except they traced each slide onto a piece of tracing paper as well as normal paper, they would then place each one on top of the other so that they would be able to see where all of the animations that they had already drawn were. The music that was used in the film was created before the animations were drawn. The piece is called

  • The Motorcycle Diaries, Natural Lighting And Quick Camera Movements

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    In The Motorcycle Diaries, natural lighting and quick camera movements are consistent layers in the filming technique used. To evoke a greater sense of importance in certain scenes, directional lighting is used. An important and foreshadowing scene in the film, the ferry from Pucallpa, Peru to the leper colony shows the division of wealth through soft natural lighting and the use of shadows. This particular scene uses an important element of mise-en-scene, lighting, to create a powerful, suggestive

  • Essay about Picture Bride

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    son. Riyo continued the laundry business, and the story ended with Riyo and Matsuji making love; symbolizing that they were finally husband and wife. Key film techniques used in Picture Bride were setting, costume, makeup, camera angles, lighting, and sound effects. The setting of this film was the 1800s. To establish the time; the film had wagons instead of cars, and it displayed the cabin-like home of Riyo and Matsuji without electricity. Also, they had no running water, and had to carry their

  • Suspense and Tension in The Others Essay

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    In the film "The Others", there are three scenes, which are particularly good because they show different types of shots, how the director controls the audience and various other features. Also featuring in these scenes is how music along with shots creates tension in a scene. The director Alejando Ameriabar also has techniques where he is in control of the audience this is very powerful in a film like this as it can bring up the rating of the film. The three scenes

  • Slumdog Millionaire Film Techniques

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    Boyles film Slumdog Millionaire follows two brothers from the Juhu slum in Mumbai as they face the trials and tributes of growing up in poverty. Although Salim, the elder brother, is given the same childhood experiences and trauma as his younger brother Jamal, his drive and hunger for power lead him to a life of crime, corruption and misconduct. These actions later have a detrimental effect on his relationship with Jamal, which in turn, becomes his demise. Boyle uses a range of effective film techniques

  • The Workings of Cinematrography

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    on several areas all being visible. Racking focus also known as “pulling focus”. The point of this focus is to transfers the attention from the foreground and the background. It overall makes one action blurred and another in a sharp focus. In the film Hurt Locker depth of field is very present. The clip I chose to give the example is “We are on the same team”. When American soldiers venture into the desert and come upon unidentified civilians in an SUV

  • Film Analysis : ' Southpaw, An Action / Drama Film Released `` 2015 Directed By Antoine Fuqua

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    The newest technology has played and enormous role in media and it has a major effect on the way films and all other forms of media are originated. The style in which images, sound, and text are developed is much distinct from how it was processed many years ago. Digital Cinematography is a technique used to record and capture motion pictures as digital video images. Unlike the traditional analog film frames, digital capture provides other ways to capture motion pictures such as video tape, CD, or

  • The Climax Of King Kong

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    The climax of King Kong occurs when the iconic primate himself climbs the Empire State building and fights off fighter pilots. This scene combines the four elements of film in such a way that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat as they await the outcome of the fight. The cinematography makes the scene feel action packed and exciting with its dynamic style. The production design ensures that the scene is believable (with the exception of the ginormous gorilla) and true to life. The sound

  • How Does the Director Try to Build Suspense and Scare the Audience in the Film Jaws?

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    How does the director try to build suspense and scare the audience in the film Jaws? The film Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, was created approximately 30 years ago. It tells the story of a shark which attacks and kills numerous people off the north-east coast of the USA in a small holiday resort called Amity Island. The attacks took place around the 4th of July, which in America, is similar to the British bank holiday. During this time, many Americans and tourists from abroad visit resorts

  • Hello, My Name Is Orson Welles Essay

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    Hello, My Name Is Orson Welles      Orson Welles liked to reuse certain elements throughout his films. He liked a good deep focus shot. He liked low key lighting. He liked the grotesque side of life, blocking actors in groups of three, low camera angles and especially pointy bras. He also liked to open his movies in a certain predictable way. In Citizen Kane, he used the announcer in "News on the March" to introduce the subject and main character, Charles Foster

  • A Thin Film Characterization Technique

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    UV-induced biological effects could be obtained even on the surfaces of titanium dioxide bulks without depositing additional oxidative titanium or sintering. Ellipsometry, as a thin film characterization technique, was selected because it is non-invasive, non-destructive, non-contacting, and can allow the user to determine several film properties simultaneously (Woollam JA, Snyder PG 1990; Vedam K 1998). Based on this, the tested samples did not undergo any surface modifications by this device. Also, all the

  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Analysis

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    MOD A - Composers utilize various techniques to create distinctively visual texts which enable the responders to clearly imagine, form meaning and understand a composer 's unique perspective. In the wuxia film, ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,’ (Crouching Tiger..) (2000) composed by Ang Lee distinctively visuals are presented though the ravishing romance and martial arts miracles which sweep the audience into adventures beyond imagining. The photograph of Ibtihaj Muhammad in the Time Magazine (2016)

  • Analysis of The Cinematic Techniques That Are Used To Capture The Audience's Interest In The Opening Sequence Of The Film Of Mice And Men

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    Analysis of The Cinematic Techniques That Are Used To Capture The Audience's Interest In The Opening Sequence Of The Film Of Mice And Men In the first moments of a film, the director will attempt to capture the audience's imagination. He does this so that the audience maintains its interest. The Director will use a number of cinematic techniques to create a sense of urgency, suspense and dramatic tension. These techniques are often shown by fusing picture and sound. An example

  • Movie Review : ' Hard Ball '

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    O’Neil is a compulsive gambler whose life is turned around after coaching a baseball team to get rid of his debts. O’Neil also battles personal problems like self-greed and is challenged to put it aside as he tries to bring the kids together. Rocky is a film starring Sylvester Stallone. Stallone plays the role of a small-time boxer who is having a rough patch in life. He fights for low pay rewards and is seen as a ‘Bum’. Rocky is selected randomly by the World Champion Apollo Creed to fight him. Rocky

  • Clueless a Transformation of Emma

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    composer of Clueless use film techniques to transform the social, historical and environmental context of Jane Austen’s Emma to the modern context of Clueless? Amy Heckerling’s Clueless involves a storyline, which closely follows the text of Jane Austen’s novel Emma. However, there are some key points of difference in the transformation that has taken place. This is due to the individual context of the nineteenth century prose text and that of the modern appropriated film text. The context can

  • Examine the way that the two scenes from the Sixth Sense are presented in order to maintain the audience's belief that Dr Crowe is still alive

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    The intriguing supernatural thriller, Sixth Sense, combines a mixture of honesty and deception to create a film which is renowned as having one of the most unpredictable and satisfying endings, at least in recent cinema. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the film reveals the tortured existence of Cole, a very unique little boy, cursed with a unique but sinister gift, a sixth sense - the ability to see the dead. Haunted by these apparitions since birth and unable to share his troubles for fear of suspicion

  • Carol, By Todd Haynes And Starred Cate Blanchett And Rooney Mara

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    The film Carol, directed by Todd Haynes and starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, is a mid-century lesbian love story told unlike most others. Where the picture could have easily rejected femininity and the ideals of womanhood for a more dramatic transformation, Carol manages to achieve the same emotional and personal evolution whilst simultaneously focusing on themes of oppression of both women and lesbians to fit into societal norms. Carol and her love interest, Therese, are both in a constant

  • Changeling: Film Techniques and Son

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    Changeling is a 2008 inspiring film directed by Clint Eastwood. It is based on an American drama known as the "Wineville Chicken Coop". Christine Collins, played by Angelina Jolie, is a single mother in the 1920s whose son mysteriously goes missing. The film goes on a journey with Collins leading her to discover the corruptness of the Los Angeles Police Department. Though the film incorporates multiple plots, the main narrative revolves around Christine Collins and her unbreakable spirit as she attempts

  • An Individual Detailed Analysis on the Style, Editing Techniques Mise-En-Scene and Cinematography in the Film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

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    An individual detailed analysis on the style, editing techniques Mise-en-scene and cinematography in the film "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind". Michael Gondry’s Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004) is not your typical Hollywood rom-com. Its cinematic style is very original and by far out of the ordinary for its genre. The use of techniques and the way the film is produced is the reason why it is so memorable. The non-linear narrative is based around a middle-aged guy who falls in

  • Film Techniques : Slumdog Millionaire By Danny Boyle

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    In Danny Boyle’s film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, a vast range of effective film techniques are used to communicate not only transitions and character traits/personalities, but also the ideas of how power can corrupt individuals, and how ideas can be communicated, such as how ambition can enhance an individual, or be the reason for their downfall, and how our past informs our future; our outcome in life is determined by where we’ve come from. They are able to visualise this with the three main characters

  • Film Techniques Used to Emphasize Themes in V for Vendetta

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    Film techniques used to emphasize themes in V for Vendetta In the film V for Vendetta, the director, James McTeigue uses symbolism, costume and dialogue to emphasise the idea of everybody having a right to individuality, and the right - and duty – to resist forced conformism. James McTeigue uses symbolism in the film V for Vendetta to juxtapose the idea of individuality and the resistance of forced conformity. The first important symbol used in the film is V’s mask. This symbol is shown in all

  • Shawshank Redemption Film Techniques Analysis Essay

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    In the film The Shawshank Redemption, directed by Frank Darabont the purpose of the beginning sequence is to introduce us to Andy Dufresne and his situation; being accused of the murder of his wife and her lover. This sequence uses lighting, music, sound and camera work to show us Andy’s struggle. A production aspect that shows us this idea is lighting. Low Key Lighting is used in the scene when we see Andy in his car drinking bourbon and loading his hand gun. Low Key Lighting is when the lighting

  • Film Techniques, By And Amy Heckerling 's Postmodern American Film, Clueless ( 1995 )

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    film techniques - costumes - music How has the composer of the contemporary text used the earlier text to say something new? Introduction Gaining fresh, innovative insights that appeal to modern consciousness entails the adaption of a text to a contemporary contextual environment, and by comparing both Jane Austen’s Regency Era novel, Emma (1815), and Amy Heckerling’s postmodern American film, Clueless (1995), it is evident that the film has been re-appropriated in such a way that Austen’s voice