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  • What Is Montana?

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    Introduction There are fifty states in the United States of America. Forty-eight of them are contiguous and are part of North America. Montana is one of the 50 states. Montana is located in the Northwest section of the United States. Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota are the states that border it. Canada borders the top of Montana. It’s mouthwatering huckleberry pie and cake are two out of many things it is know for. I chose this state because it contains lots of beautiful scenery

  • Montana History Essay

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    The history of Montana Here is some of Montana history from indians to gold rush and a lot of other things. The first indian tribe is the Assiniboine tribes. The Assiniboine have many similarities to the Lakota Sioux in culture and language. They are considered to have separated from the central subgroup of the Sioux nation. Scholars believe that the Assiniboine broke away from Yanktonai Dakota in the 16th century. The Assiniboine were close allies and trading partners

  • Montana Wildfires Essay

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    Montana Wildfires HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Beleaguered firefighters in Montana enjoyed something of a lull in their battle against dozens of wildfires, but a new blaze near Yellowstone National Park forced the evacuation of up to 150 homes. And a firestorm in a remote Idaho forest destroyed most of the buildings at a guest ranch, and another guest ranch was ordered evacuated. There were concerns the entire town of Red Lodge, a resort community near Yellowstone in south-central Montana, might

  • Montana and the Rocky Mountains

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    Have you ever wondered about Montana, have you ever been to the Rocky Mountains or do you know anybody that retired and moved to the Rocky Mountains or somewhere in Montana? If not and if you just want to learn about Montana continue reading and you will learn all about Montana. Montana is the mostly densely populated state. Montana is from the Spanish word Montana (mountain or mountainous region) 2,700 African Americans live here. Montana’s first African Americans’ arrived in

  • Montana Plants & Native Americans Essay

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    in clusters near the previous years branches. The late summer fruit ripen into red berries that are smooth, shiny, and pea sized. All information on the Kinnikinnick plant were derived from: Hart, J. Montana Native Plants and Early Peoples. Helena, Montana. Montana Historical Society Press,1992.

  • Tony Montana Quotes

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    B. Scarface Tony Montana is a very vulgar person, able to drop any manner of language that can offend a person. Arrogant, violent and very frank, assuring to Sosa that the only thing he has in this world is his word and his “balls”. Tony is the survivor that has no qualms on killing other people if it can guarantee money and food. His ruthlessness will eventually land him a position in Frank Lopez’s drug cartel and will steadily make a name in the Miami underworld. He also developed a liking to Frank’s

  • A Social Worker in Helena Montana Essay

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    examine a small little town in Montana called Helena and will show how different populations can be. Community Demographics Helena Montana has a population of about 29,000 people. It lies in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountain Range, which is a natural boundary. Helena is the capital of Montana, so I would say it is distinct. There is no public transportation

  • Montana State University Essay

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    Montana State University It is located in Bozeman, Montana. About 97 miles outside of Helena; Montana’s capital. With a beautiful landscape of their stunning mountains, I believe that that’s one of their many attractions. I could not get an accurate number of how many enrollments they were for this year, but through the facts I collected they’re about 13,123-15,294 enrollments of this fall, 2013. There is a ton of majors to get and a lot in between:  Agricultural  Arts & Agricultural  Business

  • Essay about The Saddest Character Wesley in Montana 1948

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    Wesley in Montana 1948 In Montana 1948, Larry Watson mainly narrates a secret and catastrophic story happened in Hayden’s family which have high prestige in Bentrock Montana, 1948. In this novel, Watson stands on a twelve-year-old boy-David Hayden’s view to talk about family tragedy which results from his uncle Frank molesting many innocent Indian girls. Therefore, Hayden’s family is tormented by the moral dilemma; especially Wesley- the brother of Frank also the sheriff of Montana. By elaborating

  • Comparison Of Hannah Montana And The Other Wes Moore

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    Hannah Montana was the pop-sensation of the early 2000s. From her own television show to a world tour she contributed a lot to our pop culture. But, she held the secret that she was not actually Hannah Montana for all those years, she was Actually a girl named Miley Cyrus hiding behind the Stage name Hannah Montana. Similar to the West Moores in the novel The Other Wes Moore she had the issue with balancing her name with the obstacles everyday life threw at her. The only difference is that West Moore