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  • Occupational Therapists And The Occupational Therapy

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    Occupational Therapist enables people to engage and participate in everyday activities trough occupation. The latter role is not only applicable for individuals but also groups or populations. Eventually, with the increase of the aging population, expensive health care services, occupational therapists will have to incorporate health promotion practices into their actual roles.To cope with this phenomenon and to better meet older adult’s needs, the occupational therapist 's role would benefit from

  • The Field Of Occupational Therapy

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    field of occupational therapy during the mechanistic paradigm of the 1960’s. In the last few years of this decade, occupational therapy was beginning to divert back to its original, holistic focus. Occupation as a health-restoring measure, with emphasis on the person and environment, was becoming the focal point (Flick, 2015). Elizabeth Yerxa, a registered occupational therapist, emerged as a leader during this time with contributions to the philosophical foundation and values of the occupational therapy

  • Occupational Therapy Is An Art

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    Occupational therapy by definition "is a health profession whose goal is to help people achieve independence, meaning and satisfaction in all aspects of their lives."(steinhardt.nyu.edu) Occupational therapy is an art, an art that begins by first viewing the patient through a lens of empathy. Occupational therapist must not only recognize a patient 's condition, but asses them as a whole, taking into account all aspects of their being. Occupational therapist provide treatment that is intrinsic in

  • Philosophy Of Occupational Therapy

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    Explaining what Occupational Therapy is to a given receipt Occupational Therapy is a diverse and relatively new field in medical science, for many years the word occupation was not part of the daily language let alone seen as part of the medical profession. With that in mind it is understandable that occupational therapy is not known to many in society. The focus of this assignment is to enhance the knowledge around occupational therapy to its service users, thus giving them an understanding of

  • Occupational Therapy And Occupational Therapists

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    of qualified occupational therapists. There now was a minimal standard of training that had to be met before an individual was put in the directory (AOTA, 2009). The name was changed to the American Occupational Therapy Association. The American Medical Association worked with the American Occupational Therapy Association starting in 1933 on getting improved education programs for occupational therapists (AOTA, 2009). World War II was a very influential event on occupational therapy. There was a

  • My Goal As An Occupational Therapy

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    Statement of Purpose When I worked as an occupational therapist in Asan Medical Center, one client said to me. “Therapist Lee, I feel depressed when I think of myself after discharging from this hospital. I already know that my new life which I should face with would be totally different than before. But I don’t know how to participate in my newly-defined life. It is just like a walking the road without any light.” After I heard his story, it reminded me about my original desire which I wanted to

  • Frames of Reference In Occupational Therapy

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    LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENTAL FRAME OF REFERENCEA biopsychosocial framework for Occupational Therapyassessment and intervention where adult development isconceived as following a predictable, sequential pattern ofage-related stages or phases. Theoretical AssumptionsHuman development occurs in an orderly fashion throughout the cycleSteps within the developmental process are sequential and none can be skipped. As a person proceeds through the life cycle, he encounters life events and changing internal and

  • Occupational Therapy Essay

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    An occupational therapist is a trained and licensed health care professional who can make a complete evaluation of the impact of disease on the activities of the patient at home and in work situations. Hobbies and recreational activities are considered when an assessment is made. The most generally accepted definition of occupational therapy is that it is an activity, physical or mental, that aids in a patient’s recovery from disease or injury.      The Occupational therapist

  • Discourse Analysis On The Occupational Therapy Profession

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    role demonstrated by the occupational therapy discourse community. The occupational therapy profession helps individuals across the lifespan continue to participate in activities that are meaningful to them. The occupational therapy profession will continue to change and adapt to new challenges and adapt to ensure the clients being treated live life to the fullest. Discussion My chosen discourse community is the occupational therapy profession. The American Occupational Therapy association was formed

  • Occupational Therapy Papers

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    I shadowed Matt Woodruff, who is a certified hand therapist and a occupational therapy at St. Luke’s. I had the opportunity to see the determination, character, and patience that it takes to be an occupational therapist. I arrived 15 minutes early, so I decided to take a seat and wait for Mr. Woodruff. As I waited, I turned to the sound of elevator doors opening, and saw a paraplegic woman step out. I recognized her at my OT that I had when I had a burn incident at the age of 2. Immediately I burst