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  • Public Relations?: What Exactly Is Public Relations?

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    exactly is Public Relations? Public relations (PR) is essentially the practice of managing the flow of information that goes on between the people and a particular organization. Public relations in some situations provides organization or individual trying to gain exposure to people involving topics of public interests, issues and news items that do not require direct payment. The main purpose and aim of public relations done by a company or an organization mostly is to persuade the public, investors

  • Media Relations In Public Relations

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    Media relations can be defined as one of the most significant areas of the practice of public relations. (Shaw&White, 2004) It enhances the practice of public relations by serving a systematic, strategized and mutually beneficial relationship between journalists and the public relations practitioners to build credibility, understanding and respect between the two parties. (Supa&Zoch, 2009) It is essential to cultivate a positive and healthy relationship between public relations practitioners and

  • Public Communication And Public Relations

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    Press agentry, public information, two-way asymmetric public relations, and two-way symmetric public relations are four models of public relations theory devised by Grunig and Hunt (1983). In this essay, the author goes on to identify an example each from current public relations business practices that goes on to show the four public relation models in action. Further stress is provided to ensure that the examples have all been taken place within last twelve months in the Australian media and justification

  • A Study On Public Relations

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    Public relations is a 100-year-old discipline, yet it is still hard for many people to define. Even public relations practitioners will hesitate when asked to give it a definition. Public relations involves so many different things. One practitioner’s job might be to write a newsletter to a company’s employees. Another’s job might be to contact media outlets to get their company’s event covered. Public relations is difficult to define because of its evolution through history and lack of consensus

  • Reflection Of Public Relations

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    Harlow (1976) defines public relations (PR) practice as “the distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communications, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an organisation and its publics”. PR plays an important role in organisations because they are representing a broader group of activities, even encompassing all communication activities of an organisation (Lee, 2011). To put in a laymen term, public relations practitioners (PR) work to build

  • Nike Public Relations

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    has been perceived as a major concept in public relations starting the beginning of the 1980s. Regardless, little evidence has been brought forth to show how the term strategy, as well as the related terms, are defined. Further, there lacks agreement concerning what public relations strategy is or ought to be. Public relations is denoted as the professional maintenance of a positive public image by a firm or popular person. Some claim that public relations is about meaning and that interpretation

  • History of Public Relations

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    THE ROLE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS IN HIGHER EDACATION INSTITUTIONS / UNIVERSITIES IN GHANA. A CASE STUDY OF UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA. 1.0 WHAT IS PUBLIC RELATIONS Public Relations (PR) results from a convicted and thoughtful communication process that recognizes that favourable public opinion, attention and support is not achieved by accident. It recognizes a great deal of hard work since success depends on ensuring that nothing happens by chance. This is probably due to the inevitable growing

  • The Evolution Of Public Relations

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    Introduction: Public relations has always be present throughout history however over the years, it had different names. Public relations is also known as integrated communication, corporate communication and strategic communication. Public relations is such a natural and vast field that it does not have a precise founder, founding date or nationality (Newsom, 2013). It has been found that in order to understand properly the PR theory, one should look at the evolution of public relations throughout history

  • Public Relations In Alibaba

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    has good public relations because Alibaba has high reputation in public, and people trust him. Public usually buy the goods especially on sale promotions. It is important for company to have good public relations. There are three main parts for managing public relations for company. At beginning, company should understand the definition of public relations clearly. Public relations not only is relationship but also has function of management. Next

  • An Definition Of Public Relations

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    Introduction Public relations today is a complex profession practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Some public relations professionals are employed by a single organization. Others work for public relations firms that have many organizations as clients. Public relations people work for businesses, government agencies, professional and trade associations, nonprofit charities, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, and many more types of industries. Unlike the practice