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  • The Universal Time Lapse Capsule

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    Universal Time-Lapse Capsule, or TLC, is a hand-held device shaped like a huge pill with a dial in the middle for you to decide which time period you would like to travel to. It is still a very new device that can malfunction at any given time. The Victorian Age is a time period that anyone from the modern time period would boldly stand out in. People talk, dress, socialize, and entertain themselves in very different manners. This guide was created to help you survive through this time era if something

  • The Importance Of Preserving Items Of A 500 Year Time Capsule

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    The idea of preserving items in a 500 year time capsule may seem like an amazing idea but it is actually rather difficult to find objects worthy of being put in it. Certain items from my infancy would have to be included because certain events that happened back then have helped to make me the person who I now today. My infant life was not one full of idealistic situations due to my birth parents who were unfit to take care of me, and I am thankful I call my aunt and uncle my mom and dad. They were

  • The Discovery of a Time Capsule

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    DISCOVERY OF A TIME CAPSULE DISCOVERY OF A TIME CAPSULE PEOPLE AND TIME Time defines how people fashion, behave and live. On the other hand, there are a few times in history that are shaped by famous personalities and known as 'their age'. 1960 was a major year in the political history of America as we know through internet sources. Yet, the time capsule we recently found shows us much more than that. It tells us things besides the stats and numbers. It tells us about the thoughts, feelings

  • Essay Time Capsule

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    TIME CAPSULE NAME HUM 102: Intro to the Humanities II DATE Introduction Throughout time the humanities have evolved and proof of this evolution is seen in each of the different concepts that humanities cover. There are several time capsules that are rumored to contain pieces of some of the most influential art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. To find these capsules would be to travel back in time and hold in one's hands the true measure

  • Renaissance Time Capsule

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    Renaissance Time Capsule Rodney A. Mathis HUM/102 June 2, 2014 Dr. Julie Kares Renaissance Time Capsule As part of my introduction to humanities class, I was required to probe for a concealed time capsule from both the Renaissance and the Baroque ages. Thereafter, I was required to identify at least two examples of art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature depicted during the periods. By doing so, I expected to identify how these examples reflected world events and cultural blueprints

  • Time Capsule Research Paper

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    We all know about time capsules, right? They’ve been portrayed in countless movies, T.V. series, and books, always with a grand burial and an even grander exhumation. However, time capsules aren’t made just for kicks. The purpose of time capsules is to give the future historians a peek of what the past was like. An alternative motive behind a time capsule could be to give your descendants something to remember you by. If asked to make a time capsule, with the latter purpose in mind, I’d want to use

  • My Time Capsule Research Papers

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    In my time capsule, I have included five items that represent who I am and who I want to become. First, one of the items I included in my time capsule was a blue rockstop. What is a rock stop you may ask? When you have your cello on a slippery surface, you use the rockstop to stop it from sliding. I decided to put my rockstop in because I couldn’t put my cello in the time capsule (it’s a little too big), but I wanted to show that one of my major and one of my most committed to hobbies is playing

  • Essay about 1960 Time Capsule

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    1960 Time Capsule Vickie Canzenza Kaplan University The first of the five items that were found in the 1960 time capsule was a newspaper with “Kennedy Assassinated” on the first page. http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/from-the-archive-blog/2011/nov/22/jfk-assassination-tragedy-world-archive Late in his brief term of a thousand days, Kennedy took up the civil rights issue because of the increased in violence in some of the southern states. He called for increased federal power so that

  • Time Capsules from Renaissance and Baroque Periods

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    For almost two years, we have been in search of what we believed were time capsules, hidden away between the years of 1400, when the Renaissance period started, and 1750 which marks the end of the Baroque period. We are pleased to announce that our nearly twenty-four year search has ended in the discovery of two such capsules. Each of these capsules contains information, vital to the understanding of past cultures and their origins, and necessary to the development of culture today. In what

  • Time Capsules from the Renaissance and Baroque Time Periods Essay

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    Two time capsules were found during renovations of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence. One time capsule dates back to the Renaissance time period. Artifacts in this time capsule included a painting of The Birth of Venus, a lute, drawing of the Florence Cathedral’s dome, and a book called The Decameron. The second time capsule had artifacts from the Baroque time period. Artifacts in this time capsule included a painting of The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, a stage painting in an opera