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  • Informative Speech On Mechanical Engineering

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    (1) *Walks to the front and looks around, then walking from the side of the room towards the center* Before I begin my presentation, I’d like to see by a show of hands; how many of you think of pills, hospital gowns, cute nurses, and scary needles when you hear the words “medical field”? *wait for a show of hands* (say something along the lines of “okay, so were about half in half”) What if I told you that there are so many other aspects of medicine than what your use to seeing? My presentation

  • Animal Testing Bioethics

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    For thousands of years animals have been used as research subjects, but with the advancement of science and society, animal experimentation has morphed into a controversial bioethics topic. Animal experimentation is the use of animals in scientific research. This experimentation ranges from testing pharmaceuticals on rats to measuring the elasticity of tendons in rabbits to implanting mechanical devices in calves. And while the FDA has dozens of guidelines to keep animal testing as ethical as possible

  • The Right Of The Inventors With The Rights Of A Public

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    parties to file on the same content without the first parties knowledge. The provisional patents must detail the design of the invention and cannot simply be an idea. 6. Abiomed Inc. used the HUD/HED FDA pathway to gain marketing approval for its AbioCor artificial heart system. Thinking about the highly invasive nature and the

  • Keturah And Lord Death Analysis

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    The topic that we have chosen was death. The book that I have picked is called Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt. This novel is a supernatural/fairy tale-ish book that involves love and death. In this book, Keturah, a 16 year old female, follows a hart into the forest behind her house. She gets lost in this forest for a few days and when she was starving and thirsty a man on a horse comes up to her and tells her that her time is up and that she’ll become Lord Death’s wife. Keturah being

  • Artificial Heart

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    Coronary heart disease, one of the most pervasive diseases, has influenced millions of individuals around the globe. In 1995, 4000 patients waited for donor hearts and 731 of them died waiting (ijates). As the number of patients suffering from heart disease increased, the demand for donor hearts increased along with it. For this reason, it has brought biomedical engineers and researchers closer to developing devices like defibrillators and artificial hearts that may alleviate patients’ pain. Artificial